Adopted by Simon Cowell -on hold-

A girl named Holly moves to England when she is adopted by Simon Cowell. Her dad has some clients coming from some band. The band? One Direction. Read the story to find out more! Thx my little muffins!


2. Moving in

As soon as we got to the gates my jaw dropped. There was a mansion and a crystal clear lake."Do you like it?" Simon asked. "Very much mr.cowell.""call me dad. This is your iphone 5s credit card and new heels." We got inside and it was beutiful. "I will show you to you room" dad said. It was awesome! It had a main room quiet room study room and a bathroom. "Holly I have clients coming. I think you know who they are." "Who?" I asked while squealing. "One Direction." I screamed.

          Later that day

      Ding dong. I ran downstairs to the door. I opened it. There stood four lads and Harry. I tried not to fangirl. I failed. The boys looked at me confused. "Who are you, love?" Liam asked. "I'm Holl-Holly." I stuttered.




Heys sorry for the short chapter but I'm really tired and stuff after my FH game Field Hockey if u didn't know. So sorry and have a great night/day! Bye my Little Muffins!!

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