Adopted by Simon Cowell -on hold-

A girl named Holly moves to England when she is adopted by Simon Cowell. Her dad has some clients coming from some band. The band? One Direction. Read the story to find out more! Thx my little muffins!


1. Adopted

Some one was jumping on my bed. I realized it was my best friend, Milly. I have brown eyes and hair and a fit body. I've lived in a orphanage since I was five. I am seventeen."Wake up! Some guy is here to adopt girls 13 through 18!" Milly said. I jumped. This could be a chance for me. I quickly got up and put on my nicest clothes. It was a black lace strapless dress with black sneaker heels (if you don't know what they are than look it up!). I looked at myself. I looked ok.I went down and stood in line. He looked at us. HOLY FUCKING CRAP ITS SIMON COWELL! He came over and looked at me and Milly. He went in the adoption center. Ms.Bowan came out" Holly go pack your bags."she said. I looked at Milly. She pushed me to the steps and dragged me up them. "HOLY CRAP IM BEING ADOPTED BY SIMON COWELL!" "I KNOW RIGHT" Milly said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Sorry for the short chapter it is my first movella ever hope you like it! Xoxo Harrys girl later my little muffins!

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