Love Bird

Batman Fanfic! (Robin&Harley)
(Costume/Character Theme: Arkham City)
Harley Quinn has always stayed Loyal to Joker. She has never double crossed him, Hurt him or put any trouble on him. Him on the other hand... He is abusive doesn't respect her intelligence and doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated.
One time when things get to out of hand and Harley gets seriously hurt and Robin (Tim Drake) decides to help her she finally sees how a woman is actually suppose to be treated.


5. Ying-Yang

-Robin's POV-

3 days later..

I walked into the apartment. Harley was laying on the bed. Guilt settled on me now that I haven't told Bruce about Harley yet. I had to do it today.. I had to bring Harley in.

She looked over at me and jumped up from the bed

"Robbie!" She said happily her hug was tight around my torso. She let go.

"What's wrong?" She asked

"Nothing just busy day." I said

"Is it Mr.J? Did he do something?" She asked I shook my head

"Then what is it! Tell me tell me!" She said

"I have to take you in today Harley." I said

"What no!" She said backing up from me

"No.. Harley I have to. It's part of my job." I said

"What job? You're a masked "hero" you don't get paid they don't even know your real name.. How is that a job?" She asked I think that was the smartest thing I've ever heard Harley say...

"Don't turn me in Robin.." She said walking over to me, she slid her hands up my chest and onto my shoulder

"Stay here with me.. Forever.. It will be our secret" She whispered she put her hands on my cheeks and leaned up Just as our lips were about to meet I pushed away.

"No this is wrong" I said walking away

"It's not wrong! I've never felt more right in my life than this moment" She said she grabbed handfuls of my tshirt in her hands in frustration.

"Harley.. You commit crimes... I fight crime. I can't be with someone who goes against what I believe." I said she walked back over to me taking my hands

"Then I'll give up crime! I won't have Mr.J to push me into the life of crime! I could be Robin-Girl just like Batgirl! I could be the ying to your yang!" She said smiling at me

"I want to believe you Harley I really do but..." I felt a pinch in my arm I looked down. and saw an empty syringe in Harley's hand I felt dizzy. I tipped backwards and blacked out.




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