Love Bird

Batman Fanfic! (Robin&Harley)
(Costume/Character Theme: Arkham City)
Harley Quinn has always stayed Loyal to Joker. She has never double crossed him, Hurt him or put any trouble on him. Him on the other hand... He is abusive doesn't respect her intelligence and doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated.
One time when things get to out of hand and Harley gets seriously hurt and Robin (Tim Drake) decides to help her she finally sees how a woman is actually suppose to be treated.


6. Tied

-Robin's POV-

My eyes slowly opened.. I looked around frantically I tried pulling my hands down but they were tied to the headboard of the bed so were my feet.

"Harley?!" I called I heard her coming.

"Oh Hi Robbie" She said she kept walking and swung her leg over me and straddled my lap. I noticed she was back in uniform. Make-up and all

In her hand she held a knife.

"Harley.. Don't do this.." I said she stabbed the knife into the bedside table and slid her hands up the fabric of my shirt that covered my chest she leaned down her body grinding against mine I struggled to get my hands free

"Y'know I don't know why you wear this thing.. I don't recognize you." She said holding my mask in between her index finger tip and thumb. My heart dropped I frantically tried everything I could.

"Harley please" I said

"Relax.. I'm not going to hurt you.." She said she looked into my eyes and leaned down and parted her lips before meeting mine she lightly.. ever so slightly grooved her hips as she kissed me.

After a while.. I found myself easing into it...

Who would have thought.. Robin.. and Harley Quinn.



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