Love Bird

Batman Fanfic! (Robin&Harley)
(Costume/Character Theme: Arkham City)
Harley Quinn has always stayed Loyal to Joker. She has never double crossed him, Hurt him or put any trouble on him. Him on the other hand... He is abusive doesn't respect her intelligence and doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated.
One time when things get to out of hand and Harley gets seriously hurt and Robin (Tim Drake) decides to help her she finally sees how a woman is actually suppose to be treated.


3. Loyalty

-Robin's POV-

2 days later...

I walked into the apartment with some take-out. I saw Harley watching cartoons again..

"What's on today?" I asked she looked over at me

"Does B-man know you're doing this?" She asked

"What?" I said

"Does Batman know you're sheltering me?" she asked

"If I told him he'd march right over here and drag you down to Arkham, Your ankle and arm are healing but it would still hurt to do Arkham's activity path to sanity." I said

"Did you just mock Arkham Asylum?!" She asked excitement flowing through her voice.

"No" I said she nodded with a smile.

"So what's for dinner?"

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