Love Bird

Batman Fanfic! (Robin&Harley)
(Costume/Character Theme: Arkham City)
Harley Quinn has always stayed Loyal to Joker. She has never double crossed him, Hurt him or put any trouble on him. Him on the other hand... He is abusive doesn't respect her intelligence and doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated.
One time when things get to out of hand and Harley gets seriously hurt and Robin (Tim Drake) decides to help her she finally sees how a woman is actually suppose to be treated.


9. Harley & Ivy

-Robin's POV-

I got up and rushed to my suit which was on the table I unclipped my locater from my belt and saw that the tracking device in the clip of the cloak would lead me directly to Harley.. and the Joker.

-Harley's POV-

I climbed up a fire-escape swinging from each of them.

I ran and ran until I couldn't anymore but it didn't matter I was already there. I opened the door and walked in.

"Ivy?" I said

"What are you doing here Harley?" Ivy said coming out of no where I jumped Robin's cloak getting caught on a nail it unclipped hanging from the nail. Ivy noticed the yellow on the inside

"Wait a minute.." She said taking the cloak into her hands

"This is Robin's! What are you doing with it?" She asked hastily shoving it into my chest

"Listen Red, It's a long story" I said

"Tell it. Don't tell me you FINALLY left Joker and then got right with Batman's side-kick." She said I shook my head

"No! Robin just nursed me back to health!" I said

"Why wouldn't he just take you to Arkham?" She asked I shrugged

"I dunno.. He just agreed not to take me..." I said

"Well.. Joker has been around wondering where you are. He heard from Crane that you weren't in Arkham now he wants to know where you are.. what happened between you two this time?" She asked

"Mr. J just got a little bit more angry this time that's all.. I'll just give him sometime to cool off."

"Getting cozy with Birdboy isn't going to help." She said

"I know I ran away from him he won't find me again. I Promi-" I was cut off by a loud sound of smashing glass and out came Robin...

"Hello Ladies" He said I shrieked and hid behind Ivy.

"Oh.. Sure Harl, He's not going to find you.." Ivy said

"How did you find me? We're you following me?" I asked as he finished clipping his cloak back on.

"No.. There is a tracking device in the cloak.." He said I stomped my foot

"Dang! I should have known" I said

"Now that you're good and healthy I can take you down to Arkham" he said he looked over at Ivy

"I can take you down too." He said Ivy snorted

"Are you sure about that Robin? It's two against one little bird" She said I nodded and put my hands on my hips

"Yeah! Two against one!" I said there was a loud explosion and I heard Mr. J's laugh and gun shots

"Oh look Red Mr. J!" I shouted

"Harley aren't you forgetting something?" Ivy asks then I clued in

"Oh no! Mr. J!" I shouted hiding behind her

"Oh crap" Robin said and pressed something on his wrist armor.

"C'mon Harley!" Red yelled pulling on my wrist a shot rang out a bullet hit the cement wall behind us I grabbed Robin's arm and pulled but lost my grip

"No!" I shouted as Ivy lifted me off Robin looked at me once more before sliding into cover Ivy climbed up a steal stair case and put me down.

"Red! We have to save him!" I shouted looking down at Robin hiding behind the cement barricade.

"No Harl, Joker is going to kill you AND me if he sees us" she said just as she said that bullets started hitting the wall and railing all over the place I screamed and Ivy pushed me down to the ground.

"I'll be right back!" She yelled over the gunshots, I nodded she disappeared.

I looked up and saw one of Joker's henchmen. I put my hands up

"No! please don't!" I shouted

When he was snatched and choked out he fell onto his stomach. Robin stood out of breath he sank down to me.

"Thanks!" I said

"Yeah, No problem" He said

"How are we supposed to get out of here?" I asked

"We wait, I called Batman.. He'll be here soon" He said

"Are you kidding me? He'll just drag my butt to Arkham! You can't let him take me!" I said

"Harley! You have to go." He said

"No." I said I started to crawl away when he grabbed my ankle pulling me back I kicked him off of me but he grabbed my arm and flipped me over to face him.

"Harley come on! I found a way out!" I heard Ivy yell I looked behind me and saw her waving me over I looked back at Robin

"I have to go now Robbie" I said he shook his head

"See you around Tiger" I said and leaned in locking my lips with his. I had to keep Robin soft on me..

I pulled away and slipped away meeting Ivy at the door.


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