Love Bird

Batman Fanfic! (Robin&Harley)
(Costume/Character Theme: Arkham City)
Harley Quinn has always stayed Loyal to Joker. She has never double crossed him, Hurt him or put any trouble on him. Him on the other hand... He is abusive doesn't respect her intelligence and doesn't treat her the way she needs to be treated.
One time when things get to out of hand and Harley gets seriously hurt and Robin (Tim Drake) decides to help her she finally sees how a woman is actually suppose to be treated.


1. Broken

-Robin's POV-

I had just finished a big brawl with more than 20 of Joker's henchmen. I put my staff in it's spot at the back of my belt and looked up at Joker and Harley Quinn. Joker looked disappointed and Harley looked worried.

"C'mon get in here boys!" Joker yelled he looked  over at Harley with an angered look, 15 more henchmen came into the room I pulled out my staff again getting ready to fight.

"If you think it was such a good idea why don't you go down and help?!" Joker yelled angrily at Harley he winded back his hand I waited for him to slap her like he usually did. I never liked when a man hit a woman. Joker didn't slap her this time he shoved her lightly and then planted his hands on her back and shoved her off the landing of the factory she fell the 9 or 10ft drop and landed on her side she screamed out

"So long boy-blunder!" He yelled saluting me I looked over at Harley who was now not moving I got a bad feeling. I finished fighting off the other henchmen and rushed over to her I rolled her onto her back she whined in pain.

"Are you alright?" I asked

"My arm... I think it's broken" She whined

"Let's stand you up" I said

"I..I can't stand" She said I heard sirens I stood from my kneeling position

"No! Please don't leave me here! They'll take me to Arkham and Mr.J will br..Break me out and god knows what he'll do next! Please just don't leave me here!" She begged for the first time something Harley said sounded serious like she was actually frightened I nodded and slid my hands under her and lifted cradling her she out her arms around my neck and I ran out of the back door. I stopped at my motorcycle.

"Here put this on." I said un-clipping my cloak/cape I sat her on the motorcycle and clipped it around her neck putting the hood up.

"Don't want anyone to see you." I said she nodded I sat down she wrapped her arms around me her hands flat on my chest. I started the bike and sped off.



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