Riley and Justin have been dating for 4 years then he finaly proposed read to find out if she says yes



          Justin's pov:

     Today was the day I am asking Riley Woods to be my wife to become Riley Beiber.  I bought the most expensive ring there was I hope she  says yes wait I know she will say yes she never stops saying I love you baby.  The ring I bought has 3 diamonds in it she will love it.  Before I went home I got a puppy Riley has been so sad since our dog simba died she misses him so she told me she wants a new dog and I got it for her it was 11:00am when I left so I hope she will be up when I get home.

     Riley's pov:

     I woke up and Justin was gone I started to thing that he hated me and didn't want to date ma any more I almost cried until he walked threw the door baby I've been so worried and I'm so happy you got us a dog i love it what his name you choose he told me. Justin then i love that name and right as I said that he got down on one knee and said Riley Woods I love you and don't want to let you go i will take care of you threw the goods and bad but what I'm asking is will you be my wife? OH MY GOD YES YES YES!!!! I would love to be Riley Beiber yes he put the ring on my finger and said there it has 3 diamonds in it.

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