The Crazy One's

"I wake up every morning, expecting something, everything...anything. I expect something to change within me, for once in my life to wake up with a smile on my face.
Has it happened? Will it happen? Probably not. Everyday instead of finding something positive, I just, sink deeper. Deeper into the corners of my walls. No one knows it, but each day i’m falling in deeper, and getting darker. Some people say depression is all fake. That he, or she isn’t exactly that sad or in occasion, that suicidal. It’s just a seek for attention. Others, use it’s technical term..or as I say it the google term. De·pres·sion (diˈpreSHən) A Severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy How technical. How dept.; How precise. "


2. Chapter One



“You coming or what? -K” 

“Yeah, I’ll be there in what seems like 30 minutes, Traffic’s hell. -L” 

“ok.hurry. -K”  “

“I will. Don’t worry. -L”


“Ok, now if you could just sign here.” The lady behind the counter points at the faded black line under the form with her pen. I take the pen and sign neatly Kass Telimiro above the line. “And here” She flips the packet and points once again, this time with her bony finger. I sign neatly Kass Telimiro. “And lastly, here” She says, flipping the packet once more and pointing one more. I sign, beautifully Kass Fucking Telimiro. Doubt they even notice. She takes the pen and closes the packet. Gliding her chair away and storing it in the gray folder where at the top it says “K.Telimiro- Mental Unit”. She glides her chair back to me, this time standing up and looking at me. “You’re positive you’re ok now? Usually we don’t allow patients to admit themselves out, but as of having that phone-call with your parents and seeing that you’re 18, well all I can say is good luck.”

“I’m fine.” I reply. “Oh..uhm ok then.” I walk away from the counter and look out the glass doors. No sign of him. I sigh and take my phone out. Tapping my foot on the ground.


“Where the hell are you? -K”

“Shit, relax Kassidy. I’m here. -L”

“I’m sorry? I’m nervous ok? -K”

“I get it babe. I’m sorry, I’m about to walk in now. -L”


I close the phone and shove it into my pocket. I sit on one of the chairs by the front desk and wait. *Rinnnggg, Ringgg* I take out my phone thinking its me. “Yes, This is Coren South Hospital, How can I help you?” I look up. It’s the bony fingered woman. I listen in. “Who? Sir please relax, Kassidy who?” I get up off my seat. Shit. I’m done. The bony fingered woman looks up at me. “Ok, sir she’s right here, she isn’t supposed to be admitted out? But I talked to you’re wife..she’s dead..oh oh dear. Ok..Hold on one second” I start walking to the door. “Kassidy!” The women yells behind her seat, “Come back here!” As I begin to walk further out, I see Logan. “LOGAN GO. THEY KNOW!” I yell. He walks up to me either way and takes my hand, We run out the doors together. “KASSIDY TELIMIRO! YOU’RE CRAZY!” The woman yells out from behind us. “HELL YES I AM” I yell back, and I run, with Logan’s hand in mine.


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