One Unread Message

13 year old Avery Cale has struggled with social anxiety for quite a while now. She feels as if no one, not even her best friend Rose understands what she goes through now or what she has gone through in the past. Avery is honestly so lost in her own train-wreck of thoughts that she cant even process all of her thoughts. But what would happen if in the mist of all of this she receives a random message from a stranger. Could it change her life...forever?


3. The Mystery Voice In Study Hall

As soon as I got out of the car the first bell rang. We would be on a short and crazy schedule today since we got out early and it was the last day so I had to go by the secretary's office to pick up my schedule for the day. On the way to the office I passed a bunch of people that I used to call my best friends, but now all they are to me, is strangers. Strangers with counts of memories. It makes me kind of sad to think how much fun we had together, and then one thing happened and they ditched me because no one wanted to be seen with me. Not even my only friends.

I finally made it to the secretary's office. I walked up to the sliding glass window and opened it. Me and her were close so I could do things like that.

"Hey Mrs. Rose!", I said with a smile.

"Oh hey doll face! What'cha need?", she said in her high pitched southern accent.

"Just need my schedule for today, that's all.", I said.

"Oh sure thing sweety." , she said as she turned to grab my slip of paper.

"Here ya go doll, have a goodn' ya hear?", she said with her famous cheeky smile.

I smiled at her and looked down at my paper


1st period: PE: Coach Jones: NO CLASS GO TO STUDY HALL

2nd period: Math: Ms. Higgins: 8:00am-8:45am

1st period: PE: Coach Jones: NO CLASS GO TO STUDY HALL

3rd period: Science: Dr. Geoffry Craig: 9:15am-9:35am

4th period: Art: Ms. Bailey: 9:40am-10:10am


5th period: World History: Mr. Tanner: 10:15am-10:45am

6th period: U.S. History: Ms. Carlise Jae: 10:50am-11:20am

7th period: English: Ms. Taylor: 11:20am-11:40am

8th period: Journalism: Ms. Stook: NO CLASS YOU MAY LEAVE AFTER 7TH PERIOD




"Today seems pretty easy", I thought.

My first class was in study hall which was just a library. I don't know why they don't just call it "the library", I guess study hall is just more professional. When I walked into the room I sat all of my stuff onto a table in the back and texted my mom telling her to pick me up at 11:40 since I don't have another class. After I texted her I got all of  my study guides out for all my classes since I had to take a semester test in each class. I examined over them but only for a short while. I couldn't study them for too long or else I would have a panic attack, which would not be good.

Just as I thought I actually had a chance of having a good day, June Maye walked in the door. She is one of the worst people to try to get on my case. And just as I knew she would, she walked right up to my table.

"Hey Avery, you know you're kinda scaring everyone in school.", she said in her preppy voice.

"Why is that?", I said in a annoyed sarcastic tone.

"Well you look like the thing that came out of a story I once read called...Umm lets see... I think it was ZooOlogy , it was a special on monkeys. I mean besides that what you do look like. Put some make-up on to hide that. sheesh.", she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Before I could even think about getting anxiety from forgetting to put on make-up I heard a voice pop up.

"Well at least her parents could make up their mind about what to name her. Yours couldn't even choose between 2 months.", said the unknown voice.

Avery looked across the room trying to find out who had said that but she couldn't find out who so she left. I honestly didn't know either, I wish I could've thanked the person but I couldn't because

a. I didn't know who had said it

b. the bell rang for 2nd period

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