One Unread Message

13 year old Avery Cale has struggled with social anxiety for quite a while now. She feels as if no one, not even her best friend Rose understands what she goes through now or what she has gone through in the past. Avery is honestly so lost in her own train-wreck of thoughts that she cant even process all of her thoughts. But what would happen if in the mist of all of this she receives a random message from a stranger. Could it change her life...forever?


1. Have You Ever Been Alone

Have you ever been alone? Its a simple question once you think about it, for most people anyway. But when you ask it to a girl like me who suffers with social anxiety...the once easy question becomes more difficult. You see, normal people could respond in an blink of an eye. I mean besides its just an easy yes or no answer for them. But me trying to answer that question would result in a million questions in my head, trying to gather up information to back up my answer if needed, and just trying to choose an answer. So what it boils down to is...

Have I ever been alone?

Yes...and I still am.

I don't want to make people feel sorry for me so I rarely speak about this question. But honestly...I didn't use to be this way. I use to be carefree, I would answer any question that anyone would ask me without even thinking. I was popular. I was skinny. I was a cheerleader. I was smart. I even had the quarterback as my boyfriend. But that all changed one morning. Its one morning that I still cant get out of my mind...and I don't think it will ever go away.

It was the Monday morning right after me and Jake (the quarterback) broke up. I walked up to school thinking everything would be like usual only I wouldn't have a boyfriend. I was so wrong. I walked up to the courtyard and everyone just turned to me with an evil look in their eyes and they all had this wicked mischevious laugh. I really didn't pay attention to it much. I mean who would laugh at me? I was popular. Well...I thought wrong. I started to climb up the brick stairs to where my popular friends were. They just stared at me and laughed. I didn't know why until it was to late. They had stuck cheese to the back of my sweater. As soon as they knew I had saw it they all started shouting "Rat Face!" and laughing at the top of their lungs. I was humiliated. I ran to my first period class with tears in my eyes. Days following I received plenty of death threats and rude texts. They would  trip me in the hallways. A guy once even pushed me into my locker and left a bruise on my arm. My once fairytale high school dream was turning into a nightmare. I was alone. I only had one true friend, her name was Rose and after about 3 months of all this going on she got people to stop.

People still don't like me even though its been a year since all of this has happened. I honestly don't care though. I have a couple of true friends and I also have casual friends. But I will never be popular like I once was.

I don't go to parties like I used to and to be honest I spend almost all of my time on my phone. I don't really have people to text so I usually spend most of my time on social media sites. Instagram by far is my favorite. Why? Because I don't have anyone that I personally know on there. Its the one place that I can be myself. It actually, in my opinion, helps my anxiety at times. But never heals it.

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