One Unread Message

13 year old Avery Cale has struggled with social anxiety for quite a while now. She feels as if no one, not even her best friend Rose understands what she goes through now or what she has gone through in the past. Avery is honestly so lost in her own train-wreck of thoughts that she cant even process all of her thoughts. But what would happen if in the mist of all of this she receives a random message from a stranger. Could it change her life...forever?


2. Dont Let Them Ruin This Day

"Avery Dianna Cale, get up this instance!", shouted my mother from the corner of my grey bedroom.

"Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to go to school? Mom lets both face it...the-kids-don't-like-me.", I said while rolling over to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.

"First off Avery, they do like you and second of all its your last day of school, just get up and go.", my mom said with a cold look on her face.

My mom then opened my door, left, and she closed the door behind her. I then slung the purple sheets off of me and rolled out of bed. My clock read that it was 6:45 and I only had until 7:20 to get ready since we lived about 20 minutes outside of town. I went over to the mirror and stared at myself. I was wearing a baseball style shirt, black sweatpant cutoff shorts, my hair was wavy, and I had no makeup on. One word ran to my mind "Ugly". I couldn't stand looking at myself any longer so I went to my closet and flung open the door.

"Well what should I wear?", I thought. I finally decided to wear something comfy. I would only be at school until 12:00 because of early dismissal anyways. I flung open my maple wood dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of regular black sweatpants that said "PINK" across the waistband. I then looked in the drawer below the previous one I had looked in to see if I could find a decent looking top. I had two shirts that would actually go with the pants. One was a white shirt that said "I love British boys" with a big pink heart and the other shirt was blue and had two tiger eyes on it. I decided to go with the tiger eye one. It looked really cool and it was really comfy.

"Score.", I said with a giggle as I looked across the room to discover that my grey converse were laying on my hammock.

I walked to my hammock, put my converse on, and lied down. I lied there in silence staring at the ceiling above me and occasionally kicked the wall so that I would sort of swing in the hammock.

"One more day.", I thought, "One more day of this and I will be done for 3 months."

I got up from the hammock and looked at the clock.


I still had 15 minutes and I was basically done with everything besides my hair. Therefor I just through it into a messy bun with a headband and was ready to go. I never at breakfast in the mornings, and if i ever did it was rare. I don't eat in the morning because usually my anxiety peaks pretty high in the mornings, and it forces me to not eat. Sometimes i try to eat but as soon as i try to swallow i feel as if there is a huge lump in my throat which causes the food to not go down.

"Avery! Are you ready? Im going to the car so meet me out there", my mom yelled from the kitchen.

I looked at the clock. 7:15. I guess we were leaving early.

"Yeah! Be there in a sec!", i shouted back.

I heard the door shut. My anxiety started to go crazy when i heard the noise. I kept on getting all my usual thoughts that are insane to the normal people. But no matter how many times i would get these thoughts...i still felt the same, it never got better. I started to worry and shake about the thoughts of what could happen at school.

"Would someone hurt me? Maybe someone will trip me. What happens if i get into a car wreck?" , all of these crazy thoughts came over me at one.




Just breathe

I stopped shaking. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the house and got into the car.

"Why did it take you so long?", my mom said with a innocent look on her face.

"Sorry, i just had to find my backpack.", i said trying to hide the truth.

"It happened again didn't it?". my mom said looking at the steering wheel with a sad look.

"Yeah, but seriously mom its getting better.", i said trying to hide the truth yet again.

"Ok Avery, Ok.", she said while pulling out of the driveway.

The rest of the car ride was silent. I just starred out the window listening to music. Mostly scream-o. About 20 minutes later we arrived at the school. My mom put the car in park and looked directly at me.

"Avery, what these kids have done to you this year is beyond cruel. I know they have basically torn everything away from you but please Avery", she paused sniffling sounding like she was about to cry, "just please don't let them ruin your last day."

"I wont mom.", i said with a fake smile trying to hide my emotions so she wouldn't cry.

I then shut the door and walked to my first period class.




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