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2. Babysitting: Money.

So you've made a "babysitting connection." Yes! You have a job! Then it ones the hard part. The parents ask how much money you charge to babysit. Uh-oh! How much money should you charge for babysitting?

you can always babysit for free, but don't get into the habit of it, because people will take advantage of your good nature. It seems to us that you at least get paid minimum wage. In most places, this is over $5 an hour. But six stated don't even have minimum wages. Dang it!

a nice woman named Debbie checked with parents in six different places, and she found that babysitters may earn anywhere from $4 to $15 an hour, with an average of about $7.75. So it's all relative. If you are beginning babysitter and you're only taking care of one child, your pay shouldn't be the same as an in-demand, Red Cross-certified babysitter who's in charge of six kids. A girl in the position might be making $18 an hour. (And she's worth a lot more than that!)

you can always ask your friends what they charge and use that for a comparison. If you're still really not sure, ask the parents what they think is fair. Try to be honest if it's not what you had in mind. 

*A mothers helper is a girl who helps take care of children while the mother is actually there. Because this isn't as much responsibility as babysitting, she's usually paid from 60 to 70 percent of what a babysitter makes. 

Okay to earn that money, you'll end up having to do this sooner or later, so let's get to the ugly truth of it in the next chapter!

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