To Kill A Mockingbird: Letters to Elizabeth (A fanfic)

In the midst of the great depression, and the start of the second world war, Elizabeth Cartwright and her parents move to a dull Maycomb County in hopes for a new and better start. Elizabeth struggles to connect with her brother overseas, until she meets the Finches, a family you should be familiar with if you've ever read the classic novel: To Kill A Mockingbird. What adventures await Elizabeth, Scout, Jem, and Dill? You'll have to read to find out!


2. Home sweet Maycomb

Maycomb County, 1939

I thought my eyes were fooling me when I saw the silhouettes of houses in the distance.

When you're driving for 13 hours in the hot, barren weather, it's nice to know that there's human life somewhere. We'd driven all the way across Alabama, I reckon, in one day.

The lack of conversation between my parents and I made it feel like longer.

As the silhouettes began getting closer, we passed by an old, rickety sign that read: Maycomb County.

I sighed in dismay. This place looked, and already felt like a drag. The sign spoke for the county, I think.

As we turned 'round the corner and entered Maycomb, folks were in front of their houses eyeing us, as if they hadn't seen a vehicle drive down the county's streets in years.

I avoided eye contact, as did my parents.

These people just dragged around their weight, with nothing to do. I almost felt pity for them. But there was no point in feeling that way anymore. I would be like them soon.

When we pulled up in front of the house, the sun was hiding behind the horizon, painting the sky a beautiful pink colour.

My father got out of the car, opened the trunk, and told my mother and I to only grab the essentials for tonight. We would officially unpack tomorrow, after a good long sleep.

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