Oh Love | Zayn Malik & Harry Styles

Jenna knows everything about being in love and being heartbroken. While she lives in Venice for 6 months, she meets a guy. A very special guy but when he ends up leaving her, everything falls apart. Jenna is miserable, and seeing him all over the Internet and in the papers, doesn’t really help her get through it. Jenna seeks happiness, but when she meets a guy, it all turns out to be something she never would’ve expected.


2. Chapter one

We used to love each other, but the times have changed. Summer is over, and he doesn’t have any time left for me any longer. His band has to go on tour, and I’ll just stay here in Venice as his little tiny secret. Will he ever think of me again, or will he just forget me as his plane takes off? Was I just a little flirt for his summer vacation, or did he really care about me? Did he ever love me? All of these considerations ran through my mind while I was packing my stuff. I know that he’s a big star, but doesn’t he have the right to be in a relationship as well? Why is he supposed to hide all of his loved ones in his big apartment? Why can’t he show them off to the world, and just be proud to know them? And why can’t they just be proud to know him? Falling in love with him was the worst thing I have ever done. How could I ever think I would have a tiny chance with a world famous celebrity? The night it all started is still so blurry to me. We met at a bar in the summer partying city Venice. He danced up against me, and I was so drunk I started making out with him. Luckily we weren’t caught by any of the cameras, if we had been, all of his fans would’ve slaughtered me by now. He asked me to come with him, and so I did. We took of to his apartment he rented for the summer, and started to make out. His soft lips felt good against mine, and when his dark eyes looked into mine, I couldn’t help to not feel a shiver going through my body. His black hair looked so sexy on him, and as I kissed all of his tattoos, I realized what I was getting into. I was lying on top of Zayn Malik, the world famous boy band singer of One Direction. We had sex, and I didn’t regret a thing. He even got my number, and we started a “thing”. We weren’t really dating, but he still said he loved me, and I definitely loved him back. I didn’t know how it felt to be in love, but after I met Zayn I suddenly knew how. Fantastic. He once took me out for a walk near the beach. It surprised me that there weren’t any camera but back then, I didn’t know it was a set up. He got down on one knee, and asked me to be his girl. I was so blindfolded by love, and “yes” was shouted out of my mouth. He embraced me in a hug and kissed me like he never had done it before. The leaves on the trees started to change colors, and Zayn had to leave with the rest of his bandmates. He promised me that he’d write, he promised that he’d call, and besides that he promised he wouldn’t forget about me. That he wouldn’t forget about us, but I guess that would always just be a lie.


He left 3 weeks ago, and I didn’t even receive a tiny text. I didn’t receive anything, except from a newspaper with pictures saying that he had been in Venice for the whole summer, just as I was. I threw the paper out the window and sat down next to my suitcase. I had been studying in Venice for the summer, but now was the time to go back to Manchester, and back to my old apartment and my old studies. I took a zip of my coffee and glanced over at my phone again. Nope. Still not a sound from him. My entire Facebook timeline was filled up with pictures of him and the rest of One Direction, how ironic. Pictures of Zayn singing on stage, and enjoying his life. Without me. I took my suitcase, locked the door and headed for the airport. Hopefully I could just forget about him when I arrive in Heathrow, and hopefully my life would get back to normal once again.


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