Land of Darkness

Everyone has heard of my two friends Crimzen and Dessum( or disire) but they haven't mentioned much about me. well i am now taking my own advice as Disire's "screems" get worse since the war to write about her experiance now i am writing mine!

Part of the Land of Confusion Searies

(C) Land of siries


6. Ally's experiance

My group was an industrial gymnastics group that was anti Sinidelian Trek, the group leader, planned everything to help the resistance out. But still there was the chance that Trek didn't believe me.

Trek, Trek I'm here." Ally yelled as a man stood strait came towards her. His brown eyes met hers in a stern way.

"Ally, you're late." Trek said as Ally looked at her feet she knew she was late. "You want to join the resistance, right? He asked and Ally just nodded. When you are late you can cost the whole mission because of time constraints or opportunity. Ally you have got to grow up. You had been on this squad for four years and you are still the weakest and you go off track and when you go out of your league and you don't think!" Trek chewed Ally out on everything that she has done in the past week or so. She tried to not show weakness but it didn't work she broke down in tears as Izzy wrapped her hands around her as flight started yelling at Trek.

"How can you yell at her like that?" Flight yelled and pushed Trek backwards.

"She hasn't learned! She's late, forgetful, and full of excuses." Trek explained clearly furious of the situation

"Stop, you both are acting childish." Jump said getting herself in the middle of the two.

Trek huffed he knew he couldn't win. His team was opposed to him so he just let it be. "Ok, then Ally, do you have the route fixed yet?' he asked and Ally froze she forgot that it was her turn to set the route to take for tonight and they already lost valuable track time. All Ally could do was look at her shoes. "That's what I thought." He huffed. Then she remembered what she was going to tell Trek since she knew Izzy and him were in the resistance.

"I saw Darkness earlier. She said as she quickly looked up. She pictured Trek to be happy but he looked at her scornfully and Izzy looked a little worried.

"Ally, come take a walk with me for a min." Trek huffed as he pulled Ally aside and both wondered away for a minute. Her footsteps quickened to match Trek but knew that she is in huge trouble with him.

She hung her head down. As they stopped an Trek put his hands on Ally's shoulders. “Ally, how old are you?" Trek asked and Ally knew the same old speech about her having to grow up.

"Sixteen." she whimpered.

"Right that means you have to take charge and stop lying every second of the day. And start lifting weights you can save a life if you’re strong enough."

"But I am NOT LYING!" Ally yelled she couldn't believe that Trek won't believe her anymore. Then she remembered the article that she had stuffed in her pocket. "Here" Ally whipped out the article and handed it to him. Trek looked at it and skimmed though the words of the pasted document proving that what Ally said limed was true. He raised an eyebrow and put the paper in his brown jacket and zipped the zipper so he wouldn't lose it. “Now you’re better get back I see a bright future in front of you spy." he said as they went back to the group. Ally smiled brightly knowing that Trek was on her side.

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