Land of Darkness

Everyone has heard of my two friends Crimzen and Dessum( or disire) but they haven't mentioned much about me. well i am now taking my own advice as Disire's "screems" get worse since the war to write about her experiance now i am writing mine!

Part of the Land of Confusion Searies

(C) Land of siries


4. Ally's experiance

Then her daydream was interrupted by marching feet coming right towards them. "What's that?" Ally asked hoping it was the resistance force.

"The army, the army we got to run, I'll see you later Ally." Dessum said as they ran in opposite directions.

"See ya Dessum." Ally said as she too started to look for a hiding spot she eventually did. She crouched behind a crumbled wall the army

Started to shoot everywhere as people ran saying "Army, army, run!" some people caught others in their arms who had been shot names rang of the innocent fallen as Ally tried her best not to spring a tear.

“I have got to stop this." She huffed. As she went on through the streets seeing where the meeting place was for her group was that way they could know the truth.

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