Land of Darkness

Everyone has heard of my two friends Crimzen and Dessum( or disire) but they haven't mentioned much about me. well i am now taking my own advice as Disire's "screems" get worse since the war to write about her experiance now i am writing mine!

Part of the Land of Confusion Searies

(C) Land of siries


2. Ally's experiance

Ally snuck behind a bilding hopping that  no one was fallowing her she looked around for solders and ran around the corner. Her red hair flowing behind her. Her white shoes squeaked a little on the concrete. And she hoped that she could get to the paper dispenser when she saw a light in the dark sky by her destination. It looked like a man, tall, worked out like he been at the gym his hair was long and mated and was flying right by her as he crashed into a nearby aria. Ally came to the small block where he landed and stood near it wondering what was going on as the strange man came out of the hole and walked right towards her.

"it's Darkness"  she mouthed as he went past her saying, " the war had begun a search for me and here I am just not completely."

"What do you mean?" Ally asked and Darkness abruptly stopped and turned to her.

"I mean even though I am here the war will still continue even if I fail." he said as her turned and walked off smiling into the shadows leaving Ally confused.

She turned around hoping to see darkness but she saw with him an huge army of solders reedy to take him down. Chains flew as he broke every one and then they used some sort of static gun to bring him to his knees his smile faded but he managed to get back on his feet and pull out the wires leaving deep cuts behind and came closer to the men he flipped one as other went on top as another reminded them that the captan wanted him alive. Darkness flipped some of the men over but they had three more immediately on top. Then it seemed like he just gave up and went to the ground. The solders tied him up and shoved him into the back of a opened ended army van and then they drove away as Ally ran away only looking back to see Darkness fade into the horizon.

She slowly walked to where the palace was not caring about the solders or being captured. The streets were cold and lonely but the silence felt good to Ally as she came to her destination. She looked at the small rectangle box that had a latch and a sign that said two dollars quarters only. She sighed as she put the quarters in and heard the click of the latch and opened the small box to reveal the newspaper behind it.

Darkness Seen After having been searched for five extra years! The headline read Ally looked behind her and saw no one so she flipped to the inside page where it was continuing and threw the rest under the rock for someone else to grab. Darkness was only seen maybe once or twice during the seven sum years since he was first spotted but this was different, he never made this big of an entrance before. She hoped that the war would still cease but something told her wrong. Darkness was taught to them as an enemy, report seeing him or face consequences he was wanted for being unSenidelizem, or not worshiping Sinidel like Ally is and always will be. Her hopes and dream was to be a resistance member and defeat Sinidel but something inside of her was saying go help him. But she stayed because of  the fear of being arrested and then having her parents find out that could lead to a whole other situation.   She just couldn't fight the feeling that they let there true savor get arrested even though he started this in the first place. She knew what she had to do, join the resistance.

I knew that this would be the best way to save the world now, and the resin I joined the resistance but first I had to tell Dessum her mother never let her watch the news or anything with that sort of nature.

  "Dessum, Dessum you hear about Darkness they say he is finally in jail." Ally said as she ran towards Dessum. It was a sunny day in the city and they were standing on the side of the road. It had been one day since the incident and Ally had been looking for her since they didn't have the same classes at their school. Dessum was walking home she tried to hide the fact that she saw it to keep rumors from spreading about her.

"No I haven't  remember my mom doesn't let me watch the news or even let me read the paper, she is scared that she will see my dad in jail." Dessum silently whispered,

"Oh ya she is probity worried that he's joined the resistance. huh? "Ally proudly said remembering her mission.

"Shhh! Don't talk agenst him," Dessum snapped

"Who Sinidel?"Ally asked airing shire they were on the same page.

"You know what happens to the last guy who talked agenst him!" Dessum half yelled trying to keep quiet.

"All the worst they could do to is just to put him..." Ally shrugged her shoulders and was trying to be positive till Dessum cut her off.

"I saw what happened I was walking by the TV store this time.  Anyway, they killed him, Ally, they killed an innocent man in cold blood. Is that, what you want to happen? You dieing in the hands of Sinidel? Just like Mis. Stronghold!" Dessum whispered trying to control her temper.

"Oh ya," she sighed.

Ally had forgotten there lost teacher to Sinidel's rule of teaching witch was all about him to brainwash the next generation and so on.   She was paranoid that day and Dessum made her remember that sunny day that gone dark. Ally's eyes borrowed as she remembered every child's scream ring in head from that day.

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