Land of Darkness

Everyone has heard of my two friends Crimzen and Dessum( or disire) but they haven't mentioned much about me. well i am now taking my own advice as Disire's "screems" get worse since the war to write about her experiance now i am writing mine!

Part of the Land of Confusion Searies

(C) Land of siries


1. Ally's Diary

I encouraged Dessum or Desire, (it is the same person,) to write down her story of the past. I want to say few months ago this happened. I really do not know the exact time. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. The name is Ally, Ally Brightsteen. And I was sixteen in a world of dark . My big city Sinidel D.M was once the grate Washington D.C. Full of life and harmony and not conunest, like today is (or it was really ten years ago) now is more open and free spirit. Like it was before our sad Sinidel army marched though the streets a long time ago (more like when Desire and I were really young). They were looking for one person, Darkness, and they would do anything to get there hands on him while Snidel literally ate money and no one would do something. I thought that the end was insight that one day I saw the front page of the paper.

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