Land of Darkness

Everyone has heard of my two friends Crimzen and Dessum( or disire) but they haven't mentioned much about me. well i am now taking my own advice as Disire's "screems" get worse since the war to write about her experiance now i am writing mine!

Part of the Land of Confusion Searies

(C) Land of siries


3. Ally's childhood

  It was a normal school day for Desire and Ally.  Already really good friends from first grade, Learning, playing and then having one or the other of there moms come to pick them up for a play-date. Then they would run jump play do anything they want unknowing of the havoc that was unfolding around them. To them it was a time of peace.

"Now who could tell me what the three branches of congress used to be?" Miss stronghold joyfully rang to the class but Ally wasn't a hundred present paying attention. Then there was a knock at the door that make the whole class jump even Desire who was sitting up front of the class. Miss. Stronghold never even got to the door before the men from the army came busting though the door. Almost pushing her out of the way because of how big the army was. The kids ran and hid because of fright of them showing no respect to the army.

"Jude Stronghold, you are under arrest and if you do not turn yourself and the children over to the Sindrafacation Act that was just passed." The army man said, his voice sounded like it was strained though a bad microphone. Ally snickered at the solder who looked at her threw it's golden sunglasses and she jumped out of her seat and ran where Desire was and they crouched behind the bookshelf that was near a back door to the playground.

  The solder stared at her in disbelief then he went right back to what he was doing.

"You have no authority for the kids if you wanted just me, fine, but if you want the kids you'll have to pry each one out of my cold dead fingers and body." Miss Stronghold yelled. Ally could hear the determination in her voice and how strong she was being protecting the children behind and around her, but the next thing the solder said really startled Ally.

"All right have it your way, men you know the drill!" The army man said as he raised his gun. Kids started to huddle even closer around and behind Miss Stronghold. Soon bullets begun to fill the room. Kids screamed and ran to the hallway exit, witch was the way they were taught. Miss. Stronghold's body fell to the ground with at least four kids that didn't have shelter behind her. All the kids stood frozen and was shot down emedently, others tried for the door but never make it though, but there were a few that went to the door, where the playground was. All Ally and Desire could do was just watch.

"We got to leave soon Ally." Desire noticed but Ally wasn't paying  attention.

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