Me, myself, and one direction

Savannah and her bbf, Kylee, are pumped about going to the UK for a break. They are big fans of some musicians from there like Ed Sheeran and One Direction. The two of them hope that on this break they can get a modeling job or get their real dream, singing. Read to find out more


1. Character Intro.

Savannah Toel

*around 5'3"

*blonde hair

*bright blue/green eyes

*hardcore directioner

*18 years old

Kyrsten Dykes

*around 4'11"

*red hair

*light brown eyes

*fan of 1D but now directioner

*17 years old

Nathan Brown

*Savannah's boyfriend

*blonde hair

*turquoise eyes

*around 5'6"

*18 years old

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