Me, myself, and one direction

Savannah and her bbf, Kylee, are pumped about going to the UK for a break. They are big fans of some musicians from there like Ed Sheeran and One Direction. The two of them hope that on this break they can get a modeling job or get their real dream, singing. Read to find out more


2. Chapter 1

Savannahs POV

"beeeeep! beeeep! beeep!..." What is that?! oh its just my alarm...I feel stupid! but excited too! Today is the day me and My bff, Kylee, are going to the UK. We need to get a break from everything around here, it's always so crazy!🙊

FOCUS SAVANNAH! Okay, bag check...






phone charger.....uh...✔️

I cannot wait. Our flight leaves at 10 am,but right now its only 8 am so I have time to go out and eat with the best boyfriend ever, Nathan💙

Authors note:

Sorry this is short but it kept getting deleted so I decided just to rewrite this sorry!😭😬🙊

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