The Locket

Maddie Crowley, a 23 year old pop star is on her way to her best friend's wedding. What problems will she face? How will she solve these problems? (This is a short story so, well, ITS SHORT! Please do not ask for sequels because I will not be making one, but if you want an epilogue I might be up to making one).


7. The Wedding



4.  The Wedding


            “You what!?” Macy was screaming, tears trickling down her face.

“I am so sorry, Macy. I had it with me on the plane, but it must have been in the rubble, and the trash guys picked it up without noticing.” I tried to calm her down, but she just kept freaking out.

            “Ok, I can just tell the priest that the maid of honor will not be giving any bridal gift,” she said dully. I immediately felt guilt sweep over me. I went up to my room and pulled out my dress. It was a long, lavender, off the shoulder dress. It had sparkles on one strap and around the waist. Since purple was Macy’s favorite color, the dress was purple.


Link for dress:

The wedding was at 12:00 noon, and I was already late. I pulled the dress on and did my makeup. I slid into my heels and walked out on the porch and talked to some of the guests, trying to calm my nerves. After a few minutes, the wedding started. The dramatic part came when Macy and Derek, her fiancée, would say, “I do.”

            “Do you take Macy to be your loving wife?” the priest asked Derek.

“I do,” he whispered back with a smile.

“And do you, Macy, take Derek to be your husband?” There were a few seconds pause, but the audience got the answer they were looking for,

“I do,” she whispered back with a smile plastered on her face and a single tear streaming down her face.

The priest smiled and answered Macy and Derek, “You may now kiss the bride, he said slowly, with meaning. And immediately when he finished his sentence, Derek and Macy kissed; the smiles on their faces grew wider as they both pulled back.

“Let the partying begin!” she yelled happily while her and Derek ran into the house. The tent builders were already here setting up the tent for tonight. I looked around, and decided to go up and take a nap. My ribs were aching and I was running out of pain medication, so I needed as much sleep as possible, especially because the concussion I have is going to make my head pound by the end of the night because of the loud music. 

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