The Locket

Maddie Crowley, a 23 year old pop star is on her way to her best friend's wedding. What problems will she face? How will she solve these problems? (This is a short story so, well, ITS SHORT! Please do not ask for sequels because I will not be making one, but if you want an epilogue I might be up to making one).


8. The Party


5. The Party


. I walked upstairs and heard Macy and Derek. I walked by awkwardly, and ran into my room. I got my dress, heels, handbag, and makeup for tonight. The party started promptly at five in the tent, and I was making a toast tonight. I needed to finish my speech, replace the bandages around my ribs, take a shower, and get my makeup on. Tonight was going to be a long night with all my guilt and pain wrapped up in one.

That night at the tent must have had the loudest music on, because my heads was already starting to hurt after five minutes. I was talking to Derek’s best man most of the time. He was really nice.

“So listen… down by the crash site, I found this locket, is it yours?” He asked. I was nearly jumping up and down in happiness.

“Thank you so much!” I screamed.

“So it is yours?” He implied. I laughed.

 “Yes, actually, I have been looking for it everywhere! It was my present to Macy, but I lost it in the plane crash!” I blurted.

“Well then, here you go! Oh, and I think its time for your toast,” he said smiling. I turned around to see Macy in her beautiful wedding dress, with the microphone in her hand.

“I would like to call up for a toast, my maid of honor and best friend, Maddie!” She smiled, handing me the microphone.

“You are going to want to stay standing for this Macy,” I smiled. She stood back up and smiled at me, and I begun my speech.



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