The Locket

Maddie Crowley, a 23 year old pop star is on her way to her best friend's wedding. What problems will she face? How will she solve these problems? (This is a short story so, well, ITS SHORT! Please do not ask for sequels because I will not be making one, but if you want an epilogue I might be up to making one).


9. Shed Tears; Last Chapter!



6. Shed Tears; Last Chapter!



“Macy, I am so happy to be here on your special day, and I am more thrilled that you selected me to be your maid of honor. We have been best friends since the fourth grade, and I am so happy to see you get married today, to the love of your life. Now, to tell you all the truth, I lost my present to Macy in the plane crash, but I found it again, and Macy, I hope you like it.” I grabbed the box and gave it to her, and she opened it eagerly, and when she saw it, she gasped. The next thing I knew, we were hugging and smiling, tears dripping down our faces. I held up the locket to everyone to see. “This locket signifies Macy and I’s friendship. We have had these since we were in the fifth grade and got these as presents for each other. I hope you always wear this Macy, because I know I will always wear mine.” I finished up, and when I was done, she gave me a giant hug.

“Maddie, thank you so much. I will always wear this, forever.” She explained to me. I smiled. “But, but Maddie, there is no picture in here!” She moaned.

“Well, we will just have to take one!” The photo had an artsy theme, with her veil hanging over her head and me, with my two fingers up, smiling. We slid them in and hugged.

Soon enough, it was time for the bride and groom to leave and go on their honeymoon. Macy had always wanted to go to Paris, and Derek made her dream come true. She came over and said goodbye. “It will only be two weeks Macy, you can live without me!” I laughed.

She was still torn up.

“Maddie, your present was the best, most touching present I ever got, and I will never forget it.” We both started crying, and she hopped into the limo taking her to the airport. I walked up to my room and changed into my pajamas. I had an early flight tomorrow, and it was about time I got back to my fans.





Hi Guys! Let me know If you want me to write an epilogue! I have some ideas… Also, If you want more stories, comment!!!! Like!!!! Please Favorite Too!



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