The Locket

Maddie Crowley, a 23 year old pop star is on her way to her best friend's wedding. What problems will she face? How will she solve these problems? (This is a short story so, well, ITS SHORT! Please do not ask for sequels because I will not be making one, but if you want an epilogue I might be up to making one).


6. Pains and Missing Items



3. Pains and Missing Items


It turned out that I was a lot more tired than I thought. I woke up the next morning at 7:17am. I tried to get up but a sharp pain seared through my stomach. I took it slow and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed the Frosted Flakes and made myself some cereal. Two minutes later, I heard Macy stomping down the stairs. She was in an ecstatic mood clapping her hands together and jumping up and down.


“Today is the day! Today is the day!” she yelped continuing to bounce. I decided to join her. After all, it was going to be my first time being a maid of honor. We cheered and sang “Amazing Grace” and had wide smiles plastered to our faces. “So, Maddie… what are you planning on giving me at the wedding as the maid of honor’s gift to the bride?” she questioned. Just then, I realized that I didn’t have her locket anymore. I remembered having it in my hand while the plane was going down, but after that sharp jolt, I remembered nothing.

            “I Umm… It’s a surprise!” I blurted out. She gave me a questioning look but then shook it off. I sighed, realizing I would have to go back out into that miserable cornfield to retrieve her locket.

            I took a shower and got dressed into some jean shorts and a tee shirt to go out looking for the locket. I walked through the long, tall corn starks and finally found the sight of the crash. Everything had been cleared except for a few ashes and burn marks. I looked around for hours but had no luck. I started to panic, what was I going to do? What was I going to say? What could I give her instead? I quickly started thinking. I know! Telling the truth always seemed to work, so I would just tell her and maybe she would be ok about it. I tried to search for it for another 20 minutes or so, but it was nowhere in sight. I couldn’t see a glimmer or something silver and shiny on the ground, “Ugh! I cannot believe it!!!” I sighed, and walked back towards the farmhouse.


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