The Locket

Maddie Crowley, a 23 year old pop star is on her way to her best friend's wedding. What problems will she face? How will she solve these problems? (This is a short story so, well, ITS SHORT! Please do not ask for sequels because I will not be making one, but if you want an epilogue I might be up to making one).


2. Faulty Engines


  1. Faulty Engines


                  My ears were popping and my hands began to grip the arms of the chair tighter and tighter. I felt the plane tremble more and more as it began its descent. The engines began to sputter and it zigzagged its way down. People say that before you die, your life flashes before you; this is definitely true from what I am experiencing now. Remembering how my fans called my name, “Maddie, Maddie, we love you!” Meant nothing to me now. All I was focused on was getting to my best friend, Macy’s wedding.


             Macy and I had been best friends since the fourth grade. We would have play dates all the time and tell each other everything. What we usually talked about was getting married. Both of us wanted to get married at the farmhouse that my family owned in Louisiana. We may not have known who our grooms were, but we both knew we would be wearing our special lockets on our special day.


           Darkness surrounded me as I heard a loud crash and I jolted suddenly in my seat. I could smell the burning flames around me. I heard voices around me and, soon enough, a huge pile of rubble was lifted away, clearing my vision. 


Hey Guys! I just want to let you know how sorry I am about the other book, I just got so caught up in work and stuff :P. But, I am here now so comment, favorite, like, (yes that is what the like button does, so click it please!!!! :) -Oliverox

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