Everything changes

Louis Tomlinson is the bisexual guy in One Direction. No ones knows about this, except from his bandmate and bestfriend Harry Styles.
Louis soon finds out that he has a crush on Harry. Will Harry find out? Will it be love, or will it be just a game?


2. Chapter 2

I'm so tired, and I really wanna go to bed. It has been a very long day, and on the concert I gave everything I had. It feels good, to know that I have put all I had in the show.


Harry sat beside me in the couch watching tv, he was so sweet. I just can't handle to think about me and him, cuddling in bed... And yep! I got 'excited' again. I seriously need to be more careful with that.


"I'm tired Harry" I said, leaning my head on his shoulder.


"Do you want us to go to bed?" He asked


"I wouldn't mind" I answered.


"well then.. Guys! We are going to bed, little baby Louis is tired" he said to they others and played with my hair. Oh no, don't get excited now!!


Harry and I went over to our bed. We undressed and we both laid down. It was really cold, and since we just has one duvet, my feet touched his the whole time.

Harry turned around to actually face me. I grinned.


"I guess you are cold" he said and chuckled. "I am" I whispered.


He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. His hot body touched mine, and I fought my life to not get 'excited'. "Goodnight" he said and kissed my cheek quickly. "Night" I said and cuddled into him...


Harry... Why can't you just be mine?!



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