The Lucky Contest

Erica is just a young teen that recently had her dad pass away. She is obsessed with One Direction mostly Harry Styles, but she doesn't know what is coming her way...


4. Surprise!

There he was standing right next to a black limo. I stood there looking stupid. He said,"you are a very pretty young lady". i said, " you are a handsome man". i started to cry on his shoulder while he hugged me. We ab boarded the limo and i was confused. " didnt that girl Katie qin" he said " she was over the age limit". We chuckled! He took me to the beach and we had a great time! We surfed, played Frisbee and played in the water. Later, he confessed that he has never had a good time like this in a while. I was stunned, we started to share secrets. I told him about my dad and he started to tear up. He leaned in to me and we kissed. Now, i can say this is the best day of my life!! The limo driver interrupted and said, " sorry guys, but there's traffic on the way so we have to go. We went in the car and kissed more. Shared more secrets. He said, " i haven't had this great of a girlfriend in a while", i laughed i cant believe he called me his girlfriend. The sad moment occurred where our day ended we arrived at my house. I asked," will we ever see each other again" he said," we will soon ". We kissed and said our goodbyes! I arrived home happy as i could ever be. I repeatedly said, " im Harry Styles Girlfriend!!! I cried and went to sleep.
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