The Lucky Contest

Erica is just a young teen that recently had her dad pass away. She is obsessed with One Direction mostly Harry Styles, but she doesn't know what is coming her way...


5. School

The next day began, but began to be the worst day. I was soo happy i told everyone and they all said the same thing, " ur a lier! No you didn't!" I really did i promise and im his girlfriend.Everyone laughed at me. My bestfriend was the only one who believed me! Later, years went on barely any friends. Today is the big day Gradation. I wont let them get in my way. I was excited! i was called up to the stage, but i looked in the crowed and saw a familiar face. No it couldn't be, but my bestfriend said," Erica it is!! It was Harry! I never thought i would see him ever again, but it wasn't just him it was his family. Grace whispered to me, " i see Liam" (she loves him). It was the whole band. I ran to him and gave him a big hug! He said," i told you i would come back!" We talked for a while to catch up. Unexpectedly, he came up to me went down on one knee and said, " Erica, Will you Marry me?" I cried and said, " Yess of of course Harry!!!!!" Later, we had a engagement party and i told him how i lost most of my friends because they dont believe were dating. Then, i heard someone saying," were your friends". I turned around and saw Eleanor and Perrie. I was happy they wanted to be my friends. I looked up in the sky and clouds while saying, "Dreams really do come true, Thanks Daddy!"
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