The Lucky Contest

Erica is just a young teen that recently had her dad pass away. She is obsessed with One Direction mostly Harry Styles, but she doesn't know what is coming her way...


2. Radio News

. A few months later, Erica was better and her best friend Grace came over to cheer her up. As there listening to one direction on the radio jamming out they heard a voice a voice they heard on the night they went to the One Direction concert. It was her one and only dream guy. It was Harry Styles announcing, " Hey! All u directioners out there Listen up! We are having a contest to see who can name all of our albums and songs, if u want to try it out txt your answers to 235. If you win you get to have a day with Me! Thank you guys true it out ladies! As Erica began to cry hear eyes out and scream as loud as she can she began starting to txt the answers. She kept on saying the songs from Take Me Home, Live While We're young, Kiss You, Little Things, Over Again, Summer Love, Back For you, they don't know about us and more. As they came back on the radio and said, "the Winner will be known by tomorrow morning at 6 am, he will pick you up whether he will find you Good Luck!"She didn't know what she would do if she will have to miss her BIG MATH TEST if she won. She always does contests, so her mom always says,"yes it's appropriate". She went to sleep excitingly for the contest but she's 16 years old, she can do whatever she wants.
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