The Lucky Contest

Erica is just a young teen that recently had her dad pass away. She is obsessed with One Direction mostly Harry Styles, but she doesn't know what is coming her way...


3. Contest Results

She woke up at 5:55 a.m and put on her One Direction shirt, put on Our Moment perfume all over her body, the stood next to her Harry life size cardboard cut out. She was all One Directioned up. Finally, she put on 102.1 then the winner was announced , as she screamed in sad/madness. She lost her dream guy she was crushed. She draggd her bag on the ground on the way to school. She went to school with anger, explaining to everyone what happend. A girl named Katie won. I was very upset, "I can never have my wish come true" she announced. Then she completed the math test in anger. Her teacher sent her down to the office. She walked down there curious she thought she was in trouble, so she was nervous. The principle said " there is someone here to pick you up" , so she grabbed her bag and went outside.,,
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