The Lucky Contest

Erica is just a young teen that recently had her dad pass away. She is obsessed with One Direction mostly Harry Styles, but she doesn't know what is coming her way...


1. Bad Days

One Day Erica woke up and as always, she did her same ritual. She got dressed, brushed her teeth while singing with her One Direction toothbrush "Kiss You". After, she grabbed her lunch and bag pack. Her mom left early to work. As she said, " Bye Josh, Bye Blake, Bye Dad, they didn't answer. She ran back upstairs nervously! As she went up stairs her dad was on the ground, not a sudden move he made. She teared up and shook him, " Daddy please don't die on me! Please I LOVE YOU!" She screamed," BLAKE, JOSH!" They rushed in, " Dad please wake up", they teared up. Later, the ambulance and cops came, but the news came my daddy passed away of a heart attack. She could remember when they always laugh together and the story's he told. He was a fun guy I was very close to Him. He will be in my heart forever. Love you daddy. A few months later, Erica was better and her best friend Grace came over to cheer her up.

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