Cant sit with us



2. Saffron

I loved walking into the cafeteria. It was like our own private runway. The four of us flanked either side of Mel's and walked like we owned the place (Which we obvs did- duh).I could see the younger (and older) girls mentally taking note of our outfits. But all of the boys eyes were trained on me, so I swung my hips low and shook out my hair proudly. I knew I looked good, and I loved it.

The cafeteria at  Greenrow private school was more like a swanky restaurant than a senior school dining room. The tables were rounded fixtures, circled by plush multi coloured chairs. Our table sat directly in front of the window over looking the school field, out of the way of every one else. It included ten seats (Five for us and an extra one each for our bags or pus ones etc.). Sometimes a year seven would mistakenly sit their in the delusion that they were allowed. One look from Mel's and they stood corrected.

"Salad today," Mel's decided, picking out lettuce, cucumber and an assortment of other rabbit food to put on her tray. It wasn't a rule that we ate what she ate... We just had to make sure we didn't eat any more than she ate. Otherwise she'd look at you like you were disgustingly fat, and you'd end up eating nothing at all... Except Rene, her figure was perfect so no one even commented. In fact, Rene pretty much did her own thing anyway- even Mel's didn't tell her what to do. Some times I even considered that Mel's might be intimidated by her- for like, all of two seconds.

Loading my tray up with green substance, I jumped at the touch of two hands on my waist. "Hi babes" Dylan whispered down my neck. I turned uncomfortably, "Not here," I hissed without much conviction. He's tanned, head-boy face creased up in annoyance, "I'll do what I want to my own girl friend" He joked. The other girls wandered of to our table, and I saw Mel's nod in approval out the corner of my eye.

That little nod of acceptance almost made his rough kiss worth it. But not quite, his hands explored me in ways that were not appropriate in public, and his tongue almost choked me. Trying not to blush furiously, I pulled down my skirt and tried to ignore the mutters of "slut" and "slag" around me. "Let's go" I muttered quietly, pulling my tray tightly towards my stomach as a defence against any more attacks.

The girls were already sat around the table picking at their salads in a bored manner with the addition of two others, Ian had joined Louise and lounged backwards in his chair, his arm draped on the back of hers and Cameron was describing the lacrosse teams big win by the look of his excited face, seated next to Rene. This left four seats in a row for us to sit down on, but Dylan guided me away from Rene so I sat next to him with two seats too my right, empty. A small voice in my head screamed don't leave me with him, but I smiled instead and leaned into him, to stop him giving me that horrible look, and squeezing my hand under the table so hard. Flexing my hand, I knew I'd have to wear gloves tomorrow, so no one could see the bruises that would soon flourish

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