Joint Fixation

Tom Riddle doesn't know how to love. He only knows obsession.


8. First Kiss

Audrey's eyes fluttered open at the sound of Tom's voice. When she awoke, he was sitting on the couch, looking down at her.

"Oh no," she said sleepily, "I must have fallen asleep here. Why didn't anyone wake me?"

"Well, I just did." Tom laughed. Audrey picked up her book and sat up. If he was coming back from his duties now, it must be late.

"What time is it? I should really get into my bed."she said.

"It's just past midnight, and relax for a second. You were so peaceful just now." Tom said quietly. He took her hands in his own and looked into her eyes.

"Well of course. I was sleeping." she blushed at his touch.

"Stay a while with me. I want to say something." His face turned serious. "I just wanted to say that… I really like you. A lot."

"I like you too Tom." Audrey said. Her heart was moving 100 miles a minute.

"I've been wanting to do this for months." he said in a low voice. And before she could even close her eyes, he was kissing her. Audrey couldn't help but think she was making the biggest mistake of her life. But his lips on hers made her forget everything about that. They were warm and soft as they moved against her own. She kissed him back as her stomach did loops. There were definitely fireworks happening; just like she had read in romance novels. He pulled away from her and then kissed her again quickly before he let go of her.

"Wow." Audrey said and bit her lip. Tom was staring at her with hungry eyes.

"We should, um, go to bed now." he said but he made no move towards the dormitory. He just continued to look at her like he wanted to strip her naked and do her on the couch (not that she was complaining).

"See you in the morning Tom." Audrey said and hugged him before she stood up. He stayed seated but kept his eyes on her until she went up the stairs. Audrey had never felt so happy in her entire life.

Tom was not doing well. He wasn't doing well at all. He was pacing back and forth in his bedroom in the early morning. He had already washed and gotten dressed and it wasn't even 6am. Last night his sleep had been nonexistent because of her: that vixen. She was all he could think about after that kiss. It had been his first one and it was nothing like he had expected. It had felt good.

Tom thought back to a few hours before. He had planned to kiss her in a private, romantic setting and the scenario he was presented with last night qualified as such. It was supposed to be a simple task: kiss the girl, then go to bed. But it had proved to be not that simple. When he kissed her, something awoke inside of him. And when they stopped, he wanted more. He wanted to kiss her again, and again, and again. Then he wanted to lick her and bite her in all sorts of godforsaken places. But he had managed to control himself. She had been a test of his will and he had passed.

She sat next to him at breakfast as usual joined by her two friends this time.

"Thanks for the candy by the way." Audrey said when she sat down.

"Oh, you're welcome. I wouldn't recommend actually eating those. They are very sweet." he laughed.

"Christmas is just around the corner!" Claire said, bouncing in her seat.

"I can't wait to go home." Vicky said to Audrey and Audrey sighed. Tom looked over at her and frowned. She wouldn't be going home for Christmas. That was great for him but disappointing to her.

"Oh right, you're not going home for Christmas are you?" Claire said.

Audrey shook her head, "Nope."

"Oh no we don't want you to be all alone! Why don't you spend Christmas with one of us?" Vicky insisted.

Before Audrey could respond, Tom interjected. "She won't be alone. I'll be here. We're spending Christmas together since our friends are going home." He quickly nipped that idea in the bud.

"Oh," Vicky said suggestively, "Well, good then. I hope you guys have fun."

Tom put his arm around Audrey's shoulders possessively and looked at his Knights. He knew that none of them had had the intention of leaving their master over Christmas break. Mulciber was looking at him with the most displeasure. Tom owed them no explanation. He wanted to be alone with the girl and they would only be in the way. The less people at Hogwarts, the better.

A few days later, the Christmas decorations had been put up at Hogwarts and people were really getting into the holiday spirit. Slughorn's seventh year Potions class was participating in a game of Secret Santa. Tom looked past Rosier to see Audrey on the other side of the classroom. He was pleased to find that she had already been looking at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back, giving a girlish wave. He smirked and puckered his lips in a kissing motion. This made her turn pink and also caught the attention of Slughorn as he passed around the hat full of names.

"Tom, my boy! Pick a name out of the hat." he beamed, "I saw Audrey's right at the bottom." he added in a whisper. Tom tried to ignore the professor and stuck his hand in the old hat filled with names of people in the class. He pulled out a yellow piece of paper and read the name: Molly Murphy. Of course he wouldn't pick Audrey. What would be the odds of that? He didn't even know Molly. What in the world was he supposed to buy her?

"Now that we've all chosen a name, we can start the lesson. Remember to bring your presents next week on the last day of classes before the break." Slughorn said, "Now everyone turn to page 230."


Tom leaned back in his favourite chair in the common room. Everyone knew it belonged to him and no one else dare to sit in it. He was finally relaxing after a long day when the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team walked into the common room. Normally Tom had no problem with Caleb Delrossi but today Caleb had decided to be an obnoxious prat.

"Hey Row." he said as he strutted over to Audrey who was sitting a metre away from Tom in the couch where they had shared their first kiss.

"Hello Caleb." she said with uncertainty in her voice. Tom turned to observe the scene.

"Mind if I have a seat?" he asked.

"Sure." she shrugged and looked at her friends, who were sitting in chairs opposite from her. Vicky and Claire both shrugged back.

"A few of us who are staying over the break are throwing a party. I hear you're staying for once. Is that true?"

"Sure is." she smiled. Tom did not.

"Great! So, do you want to go with me?" Caleb asked as he swung an arm around her. Tom had to fight the urge to stand up and kill him.

"Sorry Caleb. But if I go, I'm going with Tom." She rejected him. Tom's heart sped up.

"Tom? Tom Riddle?" Caleb said loudly and turned to Tom. He raised his eyebrows at Caleb. Caleb was just as tall and almost as handsome as him. But Caleb had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes: the opposite of Tom's features. Caleb also had more of a baby face while Tom had defined bone structure.

"Yes, Tom Riddle." he said and stood up to face Caleb.

"Is she your girlfriend? I'm so sorry mate." Caleb laughed like he wasn't sorry at all.

"I'd appreciate it if you stepped down Delrossi. If you don't mind." Tom said politely.

"Oh yeah sure, of course." Caleb said but turned around and looked back at Audrey, "I'll see you at the party then." he said suggestively and he touched Audrey's shoulder before he walked away. Tom decided it would be best to sit next to Audrey from then on. To make matters worse, Nott had informed him that Caleb had picked Audrey's name for Secret Santa. Tom was livid. Whatever Caleb was planning on getting her, he had to top it.

"Hey Tom! Wait up!" he heard Audrey yell from down the dungeon hallway. Tom turned around and saw her running at him, beaming. She stopped dead when she reached him and smiled up into his eyes, panting. He put his arms around her waist and smiled down at her.

"Hey." he said softly, "I know we're not officially in a relationship so you can go with whoever you want, but I was wondering if you wanted to attend Delrossi's party with me?"

"Who else would I want to go with?" she smirked and poked him in the chest.

"Well you did get asked by Delrossi himself."

"And didn't you see me reject him? The truth is, I only…want you." she blushed and looked down at the ground. He lifted her chin, bent down and pressed his lips against hers. She smelled sweet and felt warm against him. His kisses became heavier and deeper as she relaxed and sunk into his body. Tom's heart was racing underneath his chest and he tried to pull away but couldn't. His body was reacting to her in a way it never had before.

She made the first move to step away. She stared at him in awe, totally breathless. He stepped forward to kiss her again but she backed away.

"I've got a lot of homework to do. I should go." She gave him a weak smile and then headed toward the common room. As she walked away, Tom desperately wanted to go after her. His body was turned on and he was frantically searching for release. He tried to breathe in deeply but it wasn't working. His body wouldn't calm down; he absolutely needed to do something about it.

Tom sprinted to the prefect's bathroom, praying that it wasn't being used. When he reached the door, it wasn't locked. He breathed a sigh of relief, wrenched the door open and stood over the pristine toilet.

Audrey sat in the common room and tried to do her homework. But she couldn't think about her work after that kiss. It had been passionate and intense and he made her feel so good. But there were no signs of him stopping and it was starting to become too much. It felt dangerous to kiss him, because when he looked at her, it was like he was at the borderline between making love to her and killing her. And she hadn't forgotten about what he had done. She'd been trying to push it into the back of her mind and it had worked until now. He was becoming more aggressive and while that frightened her, she sort of liked it as well. Everything about him was like that: treacherous but alluring.

"Did you get an answer for number 8?" Claire asked from the other side of the table. Audrey looked down at her notebook. She hadn't even answered number one yet.

"No, not yet." she said so nervously even Claire noticed.

"What's up with you?" she asked and Audrey saw Vicky tune into the conversation.

"Nothing. I'm fine. Just a little distracted." Audrey sighed.

"Is everything okay with Tom? You didn't have a fight did you?" Vicky asked.

"No, not at all. In fact he asked me to be his date to the Christmas party." Audrey said, trying to change the subject. It appeared to work.

"Oh my gosh! I wish I could go. But both of us will be gone by then." Vicky clapped and Claire bobbed in her seat.

"Yeah that's too bad." Audrey said. She would have no glam squad for that occasion.

Suddenly, the door to the common room flew open. Tom's friends had all come tumbling in at once. They seemed to all be very distressed and when Mulciber's eyes scanned the room, they landed on Audrey for a significant amount of time. Then he whispered something to the other boys that Audrey couldn't hear and they all started to march towards her.

"Hey, Row!" Mucliber yelled even though he was standing right next to her, "Where's Tom?"

"I don't know." Audrey said, rolling her eyes.

"How could you not know? Aren't you banging him or something?" Mulciber spat.

"Excuse me?" Audrey asked loudly and shot up out of her seat. Vicky stood up next to Audrey and looked like she was about to kill Mulciber. "Vicky, let me handle this for once." Audrey said and Vicky stepped back, still seething.

"Oooo!" the boys whooped in chorus.

"Listen here Mulciber." Audrey, said trying to look as tall as possible. He was probably 6 inches taller than her, "I don't know where Tom is at the moment and I would appreciate it if you didn't call me a slag in front of the whole common room. He's your friend so why don't you know where he is?"

"Because all he does is spend time with you!" he growled. There was now a crowd forming around them in the common room.

"Jealous much? Are you in love with him or something? You have 4 other friends!" Audrey scoffed and Mulciber gritted his teeth, "Maybe he'd like you better if you shaved that unibrow."

"That's it!" Mulciber seethed and pulled out his wand. Audrey pulled out hers as well in defense.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Rosier exclaimed, "No need to fight now." He held down Mulciber's wand hand and Vicky and Claire tried to stop Audrey.

"What's going on here?" Tom yelled from the common room entrance. The entire room went quiet. The boys immediately straightened up in Tom's presence. Audrey raised her eyebrows at them. It was like he was their boss.

Only Tom's footsteps could be heard as he approached the scene. Everyone else in the room was dead silent. Tom looked from Audrey to Mulciber and back again.

"Liam?" he addressed Mulciber by his first name, "Why was your wand pointed at this lovely girl?" Tom looked at Audrey when he said the word 'lovely'.

"My L- …Tom." Mulciber stuttered, "She was making fun of me!"

Tom glared at his friend, "And that's an excuse to threaten harm to a lady?"

"She wouldn't tell us where you were and then she got snappy." Lestrange added.

"Miss Row didn't know where I was gentlemen. And if you must know, I had stepped into the prefect's bathroom to freshen up." Tom turned to Audrey, "I'm so sorry about my very rude company. Please don't let them change your opinion of me."

"I won't. Don't worry. Apology accepted." Audrey smiled but glared at Mulciber behind Tom's shoulder. Tom put one hand on her waist and bent down to kiss her cheek.

"Goodnight my darling." he whispered into her ear. Then he stood up and addressed the room, "I'm off to bed early. Goodnight everyone."

"Goodnight Tom!" the entire common room shouted back at him. Audrey smiled. He certainly was popular.

Mulciber was still sneering at her after Tom left. "This isn't over Row. I don't know how you've managed to seduce him but he'll come to his senses one day. I can guarantee that."

"Don't listen to him. He's just a big brat." Vicky said and patted Audrey on the back.

Audrey looked back at Mulciber and his friends as they walked up to their rooms. She couldn't help but ponder what he had said. Mulciber seemed confused as to why Tom had so much interest in her and frankly, she was thinking the same thing. At least they had one thing in common. Mulciber was seriously making her doubt Tom's feelings for her and that wasn't a good feeling at all.

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