Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


25. ch25

I could see the people outside and thinking that these reporters had to be like vultures on anything that had to be considered Darkness. I am within the crowd and so was Ally.  We kept eye contact for a bit before braking to see where she was.

“So you are in the mood to join me again Ally?” I hear a voice that I knew was here.

“It would be my pleasure Sin since both of them are here. Plus they are unsure and scared that you are around. How did you hear about this?” Ally kept her voice low since she knew what she was doing.

“The news had been all over all of this and once when they announced the reveal I couldn’t resist coming.” Sin chimed and I had enough while I walked behind them at a distance to be safe.

“We have Sin in the audience, are you ready Sharpie.” I said and he grabbed his mask to put it on.

“I am, we need someone else and I might as well be me.” He sighed and I was willing to take his place.

“Don’t say that you are going to be world leader.” I decided at the last minute because I can tell that after all these years that he was right. I may be small but I still can rule, with my screams I can still stand even though they come randomly and without notice.

“Why that is what everyone else wants, even you my sweet Desire.” He sighed and I was unsure what to do but I felt like this was right.  I grabbed the mask out of his hand and he looked at me with calmness.

“Because I see that you were right, we need to have a new generation run this shine this is the round of new threats.” I sighed. He was calmer than when he was at the start while I placed the mask on my head.

“Be careful, we may not be truly from this world but that don’t mean that we cannot die right now, I don’t want to see you like your friend.” He said and I understood.

“But I know that Crimzen was scared of Sin and that she knew that she needed to die for me to realize that she wanted me to take her place.” I said and Darkness was looking unsure. “I read her book.” I said and then he looked like he understood and read the book as well.

“Then if you are thinking that these was best then do what you need to do.” He said and I felt overjoyed that he was letting me do this. I quickly hugged him and placed the mask on my head.

The breathable, but sweaty mask made me feel like a powerful hero I was interested in when I was little. The part that my head was almost like my dad’s made the mask fit almost like a glove. I can see the crowed look at me with astonishment that I have The Darkness’s mask.

I scanned the crowed and there she was and Ally was next to Sin that way she couldn’t escape. Every flash of the cameras made me think that this is where I will belong.

“Citizens, I know that we are all trying to get pass the loss of a grate woman and I am happy to announce that Darkness will reign again in a different way.” I was very shaky in my voice but I knew I got a hold of their attention. I can see and hear the chatter of all the reporters.

 I pulled the mask of off and I can hear the gasps and cameras flashes that I was expecting. I made sure I kept an eye on Sin while I can see her raise her gun of the thirst of a kill.

“I will become the new peacekeeper NOT world leader like everyone thinks I should be.” I said and I hear the click of something about to go off. I stand and wait for the part where I surprise everyone. “The part of world leader is an old idea that no one wants anymore but the idea of peacekeeper is a stronger one that I am willing to take on….” I am stalling now, come on Sin I know you want me and I am standing here with no protection like Crimz was. This had to be rehearsal for you to where that was the moment that I thought you would try to kill me but I know that I have powers beyond knowledge of society. I have a good chance to get you out of line and out of your own element.

“The challenges that peace taker has since I am the next generation of Darkness.” I continued into the microphone. That was the part that Sin wanted for her to kill me with, always the person that liked timing things out. 

I can see the bullet quickly come after me. How is the part I don’t know but I do know that I had to use my fist to ketch it in my palm. Every moment slowed while I was meticulously studied the flight path of the bullet to see where it would hit. I could see every inch and I can tell that she was smiling because this would be the third head person of the Resistance that she would have crossed out of her hit list.

I can see Ally trying to tackle Sin and she looked like Ally had caught her off guard while the two of them fell to the floor. The cameras flashed and blinded me since all of them seemed to be in sync with each other now but I knew where the bullet was going to land while I lit up my hand. The cold flame was still hot on the outside as I aimed it carefully in the flight path as at the final second I felt a stinging sensation on my palm.

The pain shot through me like a rocket while I tried not to squeeze out a sound to show that it hurt. My eyes went straight to Sin whose face was white as a ghost. I just stopped a bullet from killing me.

I could see that she was trying to run from Ally’s grasp while I walked up to her and my fist was still ablaze that held the bullet. “I think this is yours? Remember I am the next generation of Darkness Sin, you had lost.” I said and I dropped the bullet at her feet. I turned and started to walk away seeing Crimzen smile at me through my mind’s eye.

“Then take your revenge Darkness!” Sin yelled and I stopped and looked at her. Sin was still trying to struggle out of her holds that was now placed upon her wrists and her powerful relic of a gun striped of her possession.

Pitiful. That is what I wanted to say to her but I had a different way of saying it as I faced her dark eyes that were covered with evil and want of death. “We don’t need any more fighting in this generation.” I said and took a step before Sin was starting to fuss again.

“Why don’t you just end me?” She kept calling out and then that was the final straw but I resisted killing her. The law would make sure of that for me but I was willing to take her life if it failed.

“Because I am not like you Sin.  I don’t want revenge because you killed my best friend. I just want you to stop. I suggest you shut your mouth before I change my mind as well as you excepting my merciful opinion.” That statement must have gotten to her to where she understood me since she walked away in silence.

I saw my father at the pedestal as I walked back and I ran right up to him and wrapped my arms around his body. I can see Leon and Leroy though I didn’t even notice that they were there though I am glad they were. “I thought that you were going to join my fallen Fiancé.” Leroy said and I knew he was staring to turn back to his old self.

“I found something new about me that I couldn’t refuse using.” I chimed and I went up to Leon next.

“Crimz would be proud of this outcome Dessum.” He said with a tear in his eye. I had never seen him this way before and I saw a figure behind him in the wings that I was hoping to see.

“I know she would, it is too bad it took me till she had been gone and Ally to explain it for me to find out. Now if you excuse me I have someone to talk to.” I chimed and went up to the head of the country.

“Sin is...” I started but it seemed that he already knew what I was going to say as he raised his hand to silence me.

“I know and I honor your courage and I bet you want to have world peace now.” He said kindly and I was overjoyed that he was thinking the same thing I was.

“Does that mean?” I asked like a little kid that was about to get an important gift.

“Not now but yes.” He tipped the dark hat that he had on his head but then I realized that the last signature that we needed was with the British. So he was the one that was egging me on about my new found powers. I watched him and felt ashamed that I was blind to see that though I had been lost in this land since Crimzen had left to the forever one.

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