Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


23. ch23

I was happy to see the sunshine after my stay in the hospital. I figured that I had let the dust settle a bit too much to find myself talking about what I had learned plus wanting my father become world leader.

“Ally is one of them.” I sighed and Leon looked at me calmly with my father coming behind us.

“What do you mean?” Leon asked and I was ready to be stern while making my case is known.

“Ally captured me and she had been a part of Sin’s army all this time.” I said and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“She might be a spy that we don’t know about.” My dad said and I looked at him sternly.

“What do you mean? She was clearly with them. I was there. Plus you should be ashamed that you are not taking this seriously. The people need you Sharpie” I rambled and I saw something that I thought that I would never see, a tear from my father’s eye. “The world will just get worse if we are not careful.”

“Agreed, I had seen what had happened here and I am ready. However the part that it is not calm means that the world isn’t ready.” He said and then I hear a sound that I wished I never heard.

“It is Darkness.”

I turned to see Ally with welcoming rage. I tried to hit her with my powers and she quickly dodged it. “I am here to help.” She tried to say.

“Really? You disappeared and never made it to Crimzen’s funeral. Captured me and made me feel like dying. And you think you have the right to come back to our side?” I cried.

“I’m ready to help. I am the most experience and I prefer to be thought of being a spy than a betrayer.” Ally said and she started to come by my side.

“Then why did you treat me like I was a captive instead of another prisoner that you should had united with? “ I asked in pure anger while I was about to kill someone that I would regret.

“I had to keep my cover, I wanted to backstab Sin but I couldn’t” she chimed. “Also, I had a chance to kill you while you were unctuous and I didn’t take it.” I realized that she was right and calmed myself down.

“This is a harsh bit of truth.” I sighed and was happy that Ally was with us. She had gotten wiser since the war.

“How did you get started?” I said and she was trying to push something down that I wasn’t sure what it was. Ally was quiet while her soft eyes were distant and cold. Her red hair was braided up and in a perfect bun while the rest flowed to her waist.

“I made a deal for her to kill every person in the resistance in return; she rules the lands that we call home. I had been trying to foil plot after plot, but as you could see I couldn’t hold her back from some people.” Ally explained.

“It would have been a lot worse.” I sighed as we were staring at each other in wonder of what to do now.

“Everyone would be gone and Darkness would have nothing to go by.” She sighed heavenly.

Suddenly the screams called out to me again. I heard more than I ever had while a plain rushed over the scene. Every one brought pain that I had never felt before. Singing, raging pain that deciphered my movement with every scream piercing my eardrums and body. I wished right now that it could stop but every one reminded me of the past and now what the future might become. The darkness swept over me as I was trying to fight those screams back though I wished I could fight everything though I knew that I needed to show that I was strong. 

Darkness swept over me like the sun riding into night and the darkness came in those screams that I knew I couldn’t before while each one screamed louder and louder than ever I had them before while each one was painful, inhospitably harmful to me. The pain kept coming over me in different places over and over again.

“Disire what is going on?” I hear Ally ask and I dropped to my knees.

“Get away from me. I don’t want you to see me this way!” I called and Ally quickly stepped back to give me room. I wasn’t sure what was going to become of me.  I reminded myself that I was supposed to suffer just this one moment and one time.  It would end, just like the other while each one was piercing me like bees that kept stabbing and wanting me to fall. I was letting it do this to me to show that I could stand anything that comes at me.

I had to show Ally the most that if she was the spy for me, even though that was her choice, I had to be a negotiator for her to make her come with us.  Show her that this is the right side to be on because I want to trust her but I can’t seem to bring myself to her, not after what she did to me. She still let me, almost die.

However, as soon as the screams came they left, leaving me on the ground knowing that I had to find a way to stand. The screams left without a trace other than the remembrance of them happening. I looked at Ally and she was astonished that I was still having these afflictions.

“I thought you got rid of them!” She said and I smiled.  Every therapy failed that I had been through even the most recent treatment failed. The part that this round left me inflamed and wants of going back to Sin.

“It didn’t work.” I said and she looked at me with tearful eyes and a stronger person than I once was. A person that should always be that one way, Strong and never forgotten like my friend that had passed.

“Do you think you would be ok? Ally asked and I was smiled.

“I know what I have to do and it takes us revealing us.” I calmly looked to my father had to be thinking that he was ready to reveal himself while I was happy to think that we were on the same page.

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