Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


9. ch 9

The table was set with the best crystal and china that money could buy. I thought that it was a bit much for a normal girl that would think that paper plates would be acceptable. I stared at the forks and spoons thinking that it was a waste of utensils. I look around and Crimzen is staring right at me like I had done wrong.

“What?” I mouthed and that made Crimz to react stunned. I gave her a mean glare as she returned the favor. The eyes of a savor had been gone and it had changed to ones of someone that was about to strike down a child for wrong.

“Eat.” She mouthed and it set off something inside of me to where I wanted to make sure she did not last through this dinner though I know important this is to all the living on this earth.

“I don’t know Crimz, something seems off.” The words escape my mouth.

“What do you mean? This is a lovely meal.” She laughed like I said something that she was trying to hide her true words. I can see her start to stuff her face slowly like she was trying to not let the grenade be pulled underneath her. I was wondering when my moment was to strike.

“The fact that someone might be hunting us.” I sighed and she slammed her food back on the plate and some of the food that was there fell on the white tablecloth.

“Really, and what made you think of that? Dessum relax and remember why we are truly here.” She grunted and flashed her eyes at the head person and then back at me. I figured that I had to cut it out right then since she was about to throw the grenade to me.

I sat in silence thinking that there were many guards and the cook have to had been watched in order to cook this meal completely. I still didn’t trust it at all.

“What is wrong my sweet Disire?” My father asked and I stood.

“May I be excused?” I asked and everyone nodded, instead of Crimzen that looked like I might have ended the one thing that she had tried to accomplish since she had joined. I waited outside of the room thinking that the screams were supposed to start there but they didn’t.

I start to silently move around to hopefully clear my mind but the walk wouldn’t clear my mind. However, it clouded even more too where I was determined to know what Crimzen knows about this mysterious group. The fact that they could bypass any security had made me the most fear full but then they might go straight for the head of operations which means that the group might just be heading for my father as well.

I started to get afraid since I am an only child that had already lost my mother and now I might just lose my father. This would mean that I had officially loose everyone in this world if I lose both Crimzen and my father. I would think I might join them but who else could run this world of ours. I can’t let it fall, can I?

I was making the other corner as I came to the dining room. I knew I couldn’t let the world fall like it had during Sinidel’s reign. I can see Crimz stand at the entrance and I knew exactly what to say because I still wanted answers about her past but I knew I was in the wrong for that moment, or at least somewhat in the wrong.

I went right up to Crimzen thinking that I should first ease my way into the conversation. However, she tried to take me on when I was about to speak. Crimzen pushed me into the wall and placed her arm on my throat to say that if I slip up that I will end up back in the hospital. I could see that flame that I missed so much in Crimzen’s eyes that I was starting to worry since it was for me.

“What was all that about?” Crimzen hissed and I knew that she was trying to interrogate me into saying what I think, though I don’t have much of a choice. I can hear her hot breath become flames as I quickly tried to make words go the way I need it to go.

“I got scared about us being hunted!” I blabbed and she pushed her arm against my neck, making me gag. I thought that I had said the words that should had killed me since she was close to doing that anyway.

“Try again.” She hissed.

“I am telling the truth Crimz. I came across someone from your past in the terminal. WE ARE BRINGING HUNTED. I NEED TO KNOW WHY.” I finally found my voice and Crimz was starting to soften as if I finally got to her.

“So?” She asked and I was a it lost until I found the perfect words to say.

“Someone is going to kill us, both of us. It might even be all of us since they might want Sinidel back. Crimz, you are about to lose everything that you had promised to your family.”

That did it. I finally got Crimzen to crack as a slight tear strolled down her cheek. It was harsh for me to say but right now I needed to get to her and it seemed to work perfectly.

Crimzen let me go and I caught my breath. “Is it true?” She asked and I looked up at her and she must be becoming her five year old self. I came to her as I was not afraid of her anymore. We slid down to the floor together. We were two children being lost in a tornado and wishing that it would blow over while both of us wants to see all of the group that is with us but we only need to see each other’s faces to were what we lost, other than lives, would be forgiven to the storm.

“I wished I was lying.” I sighed. She looked at me with determination and sadness like I should be in her room that night. I wanted to tell her that we have plenty of security to where we all should be safe but I knew that lying would not be the answer at all this time. Plus, she would know intently that I was trying to sidetrack her with a lie, Crimzen is way too smart to where she would see right through it. “So how did we do with the dinner?” I asked silently to where Crimz almost didn’t hear me at all.

“Hmm? Oh, it went well. He is going to sign the treaty as long as you only stay in the main background.”  Crimzen sighed as if she was regretting it now and I don’t blame her at all.

“Why would the group want to kill us?” I asked and Crimzen stood.

“I have a past with them and sometimes the past hunts you forever.” She said, leaving me an opening.

“What do you mean about your past?” I asked and I finally got her to talk.

“Her name is Sinthia, or Sin, she had a band of mercenaries and right when I was about to get my revenge on someone, that backstabbed me days before, I stopped. However I wasn’t done so I turned on her and wounded her. Now she is crying like I would be if someone asked me about my own mom. I started to feel guilty while she was here crying her eyes out now since she had admitted the one thing that she kept bottled up for so long.

I start to stand and looked back at her. See looked so innocent and I was starting to walk away. “Dessire, I’m sorry that I never told you.” She sighed and I came back to her. I wondered why she was apologizing to something that she didn’t needed to be sorry for.

“There is nothing to apologize about since I am the daughter of the Dark itself and the person called that. I should be used to secrete and the outcome that comes from it but you should tell someone.” I chimed and Crimzen nodded just when Leroy came across our path.

“Leroy I had been keeping something from you.” Crimzen chimed and jumped to her feet. Leroy looked at her after she immediately changed her emotions from sobbing and regretting to the happy person that wants to tell the world the one thing because of safety. I let the two talk this though and went to my room without another word.

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