Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


7. ch 7

I looked around for Leroy as I can see the bustling streets that are outside the window. The place was crowed and it was a hard time for me to keep up with them since everyone was more worried about finding Leroy than I was trying to find this mysterious person.

I swerved everywhere to her a look at her full face as she removed her hat and brushed out the faded blond hair. Someone came right to her and they spoke for a bit right in the middle of the crowd while I moved around to ease suspicion and listened in.

“She is here. Tell the head, I think I gave her the best warning as possible that the war is not over.”  The girl chimed and I didn’t notice that her blond hair had backing flower in her hair to make it look older and faded.

“Sin is going to like this since she had been here since the beginning and that she is ready for the war to begin.” The dark man said and the girl smiled widely. They left after that without another word to where I was a little worried that we were all in trouble.

I stood there for a moment in terror. “This couldn’t be happening.” I said to myself as I started to come forth to my friends.

I thought that I was walking but I noticed I wasn’t moving as I heard someone scream in one of the hallways that drew my attention. Now I hear my feet go faster and faster while I ran in the tile halls. I see nothing as I hear another one saying that there was Sinidelians coming and that we need to run away from the rounds of killing.

I know that it was all in my head but I wasn’t sure between this as a real thing. I still fallowed the sound to find nothing. I do this for I don’t know how long until I broke on the baggage claim because an airplane was going over us.

I knelt down and breathing heavenly. I reminded myself that it was all in my head. However, I couldn’t help it as it started to control me and I knelt on the ground. I covered my head with my arms as well as making sure that covered my ears that way the sound would be less.(It is a natural reaction with me to cover my ears.) 

I possibly look ridiculous about me being this hysterical. I think that there was someone behind me I think that it is a friendly until I hear a few words that said that it was not at all my friends.

 “Poor daughter of the Dark. This is how she us now, suffering from something that we cannot see.” I hear and I knew it was someone that was trying to muffle his or her voice. I tuned around to see that I had a blaster pistol that had to be brand new at my head.

“I should be suffering from more, aren’t I?”  I asked and the ghostly figure nodded and I smiled.

“So it had begun, we are being hunted for what? Being heroes?” I sassed and thought it over thinking I should be scared out of my mind. However, the commenting was starting to turn into a fun and simple mind game between me and this person that wants me dead.

“A way with the sass? This is not in your demeanor. Am I correct Desire Heart, or should I say Dessem Darkness?” The voice echoed and I got strait with the point.

“What do you want from us?” I asked in a harsh voice and I can hear a click that said that the gun was ready for its job as a life taker.

“You all dead. This treaty should not be willing to become what it is. Sin is going to get her revenge since she knows that if one person in particular falls all will.” The shadow chimmed and I was stunned that she was trying to say that it was supposed to be me that this band of killers want. However, it was possibly Crimzen that they want.

My eyes lit up thinking that that had to be it. The stoned and astonished look on her face was giving off terror that she knew that this could become her fate. I can see the coldness in the person’s eyes that were starting to shine at the wait of new blood.

I had only one shot at this and I moved over my hand and swerved to where the bullet wound barley miss my head. I hear the gun go off but it wasn’t much of a blast that I was expecting since it was one of those completely silent models that just came out.

The person’s eyes widened as if he or she was surprised that I know how to do that by now. I grasped her arm.  Before I could lift her, I felt him or her going the other way as if someone was pulling the person the other direction. I released the person that wanted me dead to see Leroy on the other side when I was expecting Crimzen to save my life once again since we have a habit of doing that for each other.

“What? Expecting someone else Dessum?”  Leroy chimed as be looked back for only a second before he punched the person out cold. I started to stand and he came over and helped me up.

 Leroy trimmed his beard back a bit than what I remember seeing him last but he still had it quite long for a person in my opinion while the hair went down to the begging of his chest then the length stops there.

“Kind of Leroy, I still thank you though.” I quickly rambled and I got a confused smirk out of him. I brushed myself off and looked back where I should have died. I can see a bullet hole in the floor and I wanted to put my finger in there to see how deep it was but I knew that I better stop myself from doing something that dumb.

“Well you lasted longer than expecting.” Crimzen chimed and I sighed thinking that she was right and that I shouldn’t be a child as I hear the security now comes into the room.

“Miss, are you ok?” one of the main officers asked me and I scowled thinking that they were a tad late on that question. I nodded and acted like a victim while they put the cuffs on the person that Leroy and I tag teamed and battered to the ground.

I walked away and into Leon’s arms thinking that I needed someone to hold me real fast before I go into another tizzy. “Someone is hunting us Leon.” I said and Leon looked like I just said something in a different language.

“What do you mean?” Leon asked and looked around to check for ears that were listening. Crimzen looked like I just sent her to her grave while she started to shoo us out of the terminal in haste.

We got piled into an armored car but Crimzen still wouldn’t settle down. I started to wonder why it was bothering her that much. I watched her glance around as the car went around the road and every single time we stopped she would watch the stoplight till it changed before she could breathe.

“Crimz, I know you are worried. What is wrong? Leon asked and put a hand on Crimzen’s lap.  She quickly spun around and almost punched Leon. Her eyes got wide and quickly tuned her gaze downward and put her hands on her lap quietly saying, “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.” I dared her and she looked like I should have said nothing.

“Well, all I am going to say is that I have a past that will fervor hunt me.”  Crimzen sighed and I knew that would be her answer every time so I figured that it would only be a good chance that it will have to be either her being in a situation that there was no way that she couldn’t get away from the answer and/or that it could be roughly the last words that she says to me.

“Ok Crimz.” I sighed, thinking that she has to tell someone that is close to her so I set out for Leroy or Leon to ask.

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