Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


21. ch 21

I awoke on the side of the road dissociated and in wonder of where I am at. I know I had to be on a country road of some sort by just the shear dust that was around me and the unkempt sides. I thought that I had to be outside of the state though it could be possible, right?

I start to get up and I was a bit tipsy as expected. I started to walk on the road like a newfound tot just learning how to walk but soon I got the hang of my jelly like nerves to where I could walk fairly normal.

I looked around but I see nothing but a vast land of fields around me thinking that there might be no way that I would be able to make it back alone while the sun beaded down on me.

The only thing that I didn’t think about until I was a little bit away was where I am and this is way too hot to walk ominously. I kept going, knowing that I was the only thing standing between Sin, with Ally by her side, and the war for the seat of the world that is threating to happen soon.

“Darkness, Daddy!” I start to call out thinking that I had to get someone’s attention before the head kills me. My head started to become light and wondered what would happen if I died but I knew better than to think that.

“Darkness!” I called out thinking that I will need to find shade or water since I feel parched as well as I needed to find shade since the heat is now at the highest point of the day.

The scorching heat was starting to make me feel like I had crisped up to nothing while I knew it had to of been hours since I woke. I kept going since I know that I had to get to society soon on this road that I had been traveling on.

“Papa!” I cried thinking I really want my dad now. It is funny though that you never really notice how much you want people until they are gone. “Sharpie!” The name scared me. I am acting like a child crying out to the lost. I had no right to do this pleasure of calling out to my dad since I have a world to think of what I am to them. I can be either the strong girl that beat the odds and came back home with the warning or the sad one that wasted hours looking for her dad like a puppy in a storm whimpering.

I became silent and walked along the place thinking that this was for the best. Suddenly, my feet started to twist and turn in the ground to where I fell again thinking that this was my end or that I could push on.

I stood and this time I saw something that I haven’t seen in a long while. A piece of paper that has the Sinadelian symbol on it and it was coming right to me. I snatched it as it wised by me and glared at it. The slick, black lines on the white was the scars of long ago. I turned it over to see that there was a message on the back written in red.

“Save yourself” I read to myself thinking that this had been around without a care for a longest time and I started to become frightened. The fact that I could still read this and then thinking about sin put my senses into high gear, meaning that I had to be on red alert while Sin is on the hunt. It sent a chill down my spine while I was spinning in circles, not because I was lost but for more safety from her.

I can see someone in the distance. The shadow of a man but I can never be sure. He was holding nothing but a drink in his hands and something on his head. The figure came forward I was unsure if I should run. I began to step backwards but I failed myself while I am on the ground once more.

I can see the figure come closer and closer as I swore to myself that it all had to be a moorage, all in my mind. I scrambled backward while the crumpling paper, which is still in my hands, acted like pieces of me that was pushing against a door that I had kept closed for a long time now. The pressure kept building while I was having an unbelievably terrifying time trying not to show weakness against my opponent.

“I am the daughter of Darkness.” I repeated it to myself as if it was a remedy to everything that was going on. I couldn’t help but glance down at that paper once more that said a warning- and also a helpful hint.

I start to stand again. This time feeling better than ever and willing to fight. I can feel and now see the light around me as I must had caught everything that I was warring aflame the signature Darkness blue. I looked around but I wasn’t actually on fire, the cold and hot flame was only hot for my enemies and not on me.

“Stop where you are!” I called and felt the paper burn in my hand letting me know that this is what I should had done in the first place.

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