Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


19. ch 19

I awoke in a chair. My feet and hands out bounded to where I could barely move them. Whoever did this must be good at knots. I also was famished as well as thirsty as I can tell by when I woke down that my dress looked a little loose on me stating that I had been out for a long while. I can tell that everything here was damp and I wished that someone would notice me as time ticked by.

“Hello?” I called out and there was nothing more than a squeal of a frightened mouse thinning that I was a person that would eat it but I wasn’t that desperate. All I can see is a dark door that was made of metal but then I remembered that I was Darkness’s daughter and that meant that I might have his strength as well.

I got my wrists slowly in position to where all I have to do is yank them apart and the ropes, or whatever is bounding me, supposedly falls to the floor. I tried to pull them with all my might like Darkness did long ago. I felt one snap and I knew that I could get the rest to let go. One after the other the rest let go and they fell in defeat.

I start to go to the door when I hear someone coming. The tick, clump meant that it had to be Sin waiting for revenge. I scrambled to get back in my chair but I didn’t bother to hide the bonds that held me. I wished I did do that while the door opened quickly and then shut tight.

A woman, the same one that was in my house and also got me captured was standing right in front of me. I can see myself being hurt and torched as I prepared myself for the torcher that I quickly figured Sin was good at. I tried to stay strong as we met eyes for a moment.

“I knew I would find you during my captivity here. I am sorry that I had to bring you but it was either that or killing you.” The voice sighed and I knew exactly who it was.

“Ally?” I asked and I can tell there was a sinful smile under that scarf as she unwrapped it.

“Hello Dessire.” She said as she revealed her innocent eyes. I blast of rage filled me and I was not in the mod for forgiveness.

“Hello Dessire? You just brought me to the hideout of Sin! The same person that killed Crimz!” I rambled and Ally looked down.

“I know. I am captive as well. It was either me being like her or we band together and stop this from going any further.” Ally said as she let the scarf fall to the floor. I can see the pain in her eyes that she had blood on her hands like everyone else here. I couldn’t believe she had given up like that and join the other side to where she might have killed Taylor and then she might have a hand in killing her own friend.

“And then what? You already found yourself a home! I had been looking, calling, everything to reach you and you are now someone I should fear!”  I yelled and I could see Sin come into the room to silently watch.

“I know but there is someone breathing down my back so I couldn’t say a word. I knew about the hunt for a while.” Ally sighed. I was in shock that she knew as Ally kept speaking. “I cried day and night for Crimz, Especially earlier.  Every phone call was listened and I was under a microscope.”

“Like you should.” Sin chimed as she finally got into the room. “I am happy that you can finally join us.”

“I am much obliged.” I said as I started to stand but Sin used her gun ended cane to push me back down into my seat.

“I know you would love to kill me but I am not going to kill you now and then dump you like the common coward criminal. Oh no, I rather have the chase since you, Disire make it so simple.” Sin said and I knew she was right. My movements had been classic and traceable. I should have made myself more discrete instead of wanting to be found.

“I want to find you dead now.” I said and I stood up quickly and tried to punch Sin in the chest but despite being injured she swiftly dodged me to strike me on the back. I stumbled to find the side of the wall and slipped down to the floor below. I turned around thinking I should be seeing the barrel of Sin’s cane gun but I wasn’t.

“Poor Disire you want revenge just like me? How does it taste? Hunger for more, wanted, the feel of blood and life gone. A true Sinadelian.” Sin sassed and I knew she was right. I needed to wait for a golden time like during the war.

“The world would be better without you.” I chimed and could see my fists lighting up which was new to me that I could have that much power inside me. I struck first and Sin blocked it but it was one barrel of a loaded gun verses a daughter of a superhero.

We started to fight with every bit we had. Every punch I threw took a lot out of me but the fuel of anger was the energy of my choosing at the moment. Soon I was starting to get to her with my fists thinking that I might be able to win. I was feeling the cold skin hit my fists as I was seeing that sin had enough while we were twirling the same death darkness had in store for us

 I could tell that we were both having trouble now that we were using all of our energy while Ally stood there watching. She was still as a statue while I was starting to wonder if she needed help or a reminder whom her friends were.

I felt a crash against my head and I turned thinking that it was Sin that threw the chair at me but that wasn’t the case as I could see Ally hold the chair in her hands.

“Ally why?” I asked thinking that she was supposed to be my friend as I faced her I question letting Sin have an opportunity that she didn’t refuse as the last thing I saw was Ally saying:

“Warn the rest.”

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