Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


16. ch 16

I saw my friend in the casket. Cold, lifeless, though I wished that she could be alive. I am in my best black uniform and she is dressed in the same outfit that we finished Sinadel off in. A bra, her necklace, the makeup that made her looks like she was crying for the lost and now she is among them. I wondered if I should say the famous catch phrase that we had been passing to each other since she had first fallen, or I thought it was.

Leroy came up from behind me and placed an arm around me. “She never changed from that day.” He sighed and I hear the soft music start to play in the background. The melodies were calming but I was not calm at all. I was once again fighting off a round of screams that were trying to burst me to insanity.

“I know she had a shell that was unable to crack too bad you two wasn’t able to tie the knot. You were made for each other.” I complemented and he put on a very week smile for me.

“I found this within her things that I was rummaging through for the ceremony. The book is a hard read but belongs in the resistance museum.” Leroy chimed and I was shocked that she was writing something that day that I caught her with the very same notebook. The violate blue notebook was shining in the light and I was very excited to read it.

A portal to Crimzen’s past was finally in my hands to where I was not sure on what to do. Leon came in looking more dashing that what he normally is looking as he came up next to Leroy. Leon’s eyes were darker as if he never gotten any sleep since Crimzen’s passing and I was in the same boat since I am sure bags had grown horribly under my eyes, I just haven’t realized it yet.

“Leon, you look like you need sleep! Do you need me to find a hiding spot since that seemed to be my specialty?” He asked and if looks could kill the group would have to be housing two funerals instead of one. I figured I should excuse myself before Leroy gets himself into more trouble than what he is into.

I scanned around the many faces that were there. Some I knew for the short time I was a Resistance Council member others were my travels for peace. Few I never met at all from any that I just listed as I found my father in the back. He had one of his masks in his hand and I knew that was for Crimz.

“I wished that I didn’t have to see her like this.” I sighed and my father nodded.

“We all have our time Dessum.” He said and it sounded like we were thinking the same thing. I looked at him as he placed the mask inside her casket, right by the honorable mettle that she had obtained in the resistance after the war with Sinadel. She was a war hero no doubt; as I noticed more and more people come in.

However, there was one person in particular that I wished was there to help me with everything that might happen today, Ally. I walked away from the coffin and started to search for her. The church was humongous with a three tear balcony of seats that made it hard for me to look the entire building without getting lost. The crosses was starting to become eyes telling me that this was my fault and that it should be me in that casket instead of Crimz. Every turn came up short till I found spot that I heard noises from a condor that was ways away from the ceremony.

“This is going to go perfect Arcum, our revenge will be complete.” A hushed voice raping though the hall and I found myself a little hole where I could buckle down for a minute and listen in on the conversation.

“I know but are you sure that this would be a good time to do something this drastic Sin we already had Crimzen die, can we give it a rest?” Arlin tried to explain but Sin was not going to let him stand in her way of a goal that she thought was right. I looked around cautiously and ready to spin back at any moment to give me time to go back to my little hiding spot.

“No Arlin, Crimzen was just an example of what our kind can do. Since Sinadel is gone and Crimz is out of the picture, thank god, we can do whatever we want the seat of the world is up for grabs. All we have to do is get Darkness and that reached daughter of his to see what they had lost on the other side.” She hissed and Arlin looked as if he wasn’t so sure of what to do.

“Sin you had reached the deal end! I was fine with the revenge on Crimzen thing but this had gone too far.” He started to shout but he managed to keep his voice down.

“Calm Arcum, all would be over soon.” Sin chimed as a sound that was a gun loading rung into Dessum’s ears.

“Sin. I know that this is something that you are not used to but that doesn’t mean to kill them all! I didn’t sign up for this!” Arlin was trying to be silent but when he heard the gun and the fact that he looked like he was getting nervous Arlin couldn’t keep his voice down any longer.

“You did sign up for this, that night when we both finally got free. You and I both know that we are lucky to be alive after the incident. Plus the seat of the world is open since that girl is about to be in the ground.” Sin asked and Arlin started to walk away.

“You can do it yourself.” He said and got to the doorway. Sin raised the gun and I turned away just in time to hear the gun go off. That sent the screams blearing into my ears. The ear piercing screams were loud and overwhelming to where all I could hear was them. Every sound was bone chilling where I couldn’t figure out which way was up since the room spun around in circles. Round and around the room went with me in the middle and being bombarded by the sounds of guns and the usual screams were part of the horrific compliment. However, I felt someone come close to me and I looked up to see Sin standing with the gun facing me.

“What is wrong with you?” I can see her mouth make the sounds come but I didn’t hear them because of the screams still attacking me at every angle to now I feel like I could see the faces stare at me for the applauding the death of my own.

“I am just looking for the restroom and I have afflictions from the war against Sindel.” I explained and looked down while I glanced up, with my bangs covering my eyes, at her. It seemed like she didn’t recognize me while she smiled calmly.

“My mistake mam, I thought that you were someone else.” Sin smiled like she saw strait though my lie.

“Then I might want to get going,” I said while I tried to get passed her but she stepped in my way, blocking the path in the proses.

“Well, I am sure Darkness wouldn’t mind if his daughter was late.” Sin chimed sadistically and I felt my heart skip a beat. I tried to move to where I could escape but, once again, she blocked my walkway and I wanted to hit her with my newfound powers.

I tried to move once again but this time I was met with the gun. I was fearful that she was going to fire right then. “So you are going back to see the dead Conners. Come and we will go say goodbye together.” She said and pressed her gun harder into me but this time it was my back instead of my chest.

“I will let you see her.” I sighed thinking that it was either going me or her dying and it wasn’t going to be me dying, but at the same time I didn’t need to go to jail or even questioned for murder.

We walked slowly like we were both in a precession to see my friend. The lonely halls didn’t have much chatter in the ways of pleasant day to day gossip. The chatter was mostly about Crimz. The darkened halls reminded me about the clothing that Sin was warring that day while the lights went passed us and the faces in question because Sin didn’t even bother to hide her face at all. She was hiding something that I might want to know quick or everyone here might wind up like Crimzen.

Every step was making me more and more worried that there was something that we needed to find now. We finally got into the sanctuary and all the faces went cold while the small noises of sadness ceased. The quietness what more of astonishment that the number one enemy of the world was here at the funeral of the person that she must had hated the most/

“It is a shame that she didn’t kill that bustard and joined me on the quest of the rest of the mercenaries.” She hissed as we went down the aisle. I could hear the clock chime the hour as well as my heart beating the seconds to my possible invitation. I saw my friend’s face and wondered what she would do if she was with me right now, I didn’t need to become her but right now I wished that the whole death thing was truly a hoax.

“What do you mean she was going to join you?” I asked as I looked to her but she pressed the butt of her gun to get me quiet. I looked at Leon’s direction thinking that he had to save her, or at least Darkness could help her get out of this hold. I could see that she was leaving her side wide open and where most people twitch horribly to where all you have to do is simply touch them.

I knew that she was on my left now and that I only have one shot at this. I used my two fingers but she must have noticed me. She snatched my hand and bent it backwards to where pain shot up through me. “Nice try Heart.” She chimed and turned me to where all could see that I was having more than just a gun at my back as a threat. The gun was at my head saying that one move and I WILL be dead.

so I know at least you are ok and not fallen.” I hung up this time without another word. Hot tears started to stream Chapter 17   

“Anyone moves will have the same fate as her.” Sin called out and within the corner of my eye I could see my father with Leroy sneak behind the coffin. I started to smile a bit but Sin was too good to where it was obvious that she had been at this for a while and fired a shot right at Darkness. My heart sank thinking that I had just lost my father as well as my mother years ago.

I looked up and thought that this was going to be the end of the Hearts and Sin had won this war. I think that I should see someone dead. However, instead I see a bullet on the floor and Leroy calling Sin a bunch of bad names as well as beating her senseless.

I glared at Sin. A poor girl that should had known that she was going into uncharted territory. This was definitely proven with Leroy as Darkness pulling him off of Sin. “I thought you would die.” I breathed as the officers finally arrived, a bit late for my likening, to arrest Sin.

A sheepish grin was painted on her lips as she flipped her head back to make me see her eyes were laughing like she had a supposed to see that we had seen she had something along her waist. Panic started to go through me thinking that she couldn’t being the sacrifice to where no one could win the seat of the world, making history repeat itself or even worse, destroy everything and plunge itself into another round with a person that was just like Sinadel.

“Stop, she has something on her.” I called and made my fist glow with the same light that Darkness had created when he first entered our atmosphere the second time.

I waved the officers away and my suspicion was correct. Sin had a round of grenades strapped to her chest and ready to be pulled to blow us all like the old celebration of Independence Day. I stepped back while I could see a string glow slightly in the light. “What is wrong everyone? You should be used to situations like this. Oh wait, where is the hero that should be saving you?” Sin chimed and I could see the blood run down her nose and along her mouth. I wished that Leroy would hit her once again as we were in a standstill once again.

I ran up and immediately tried to get her off guard by grabbing her by the arm and send her where she needed to be. Unfortunately, she grasped my wrist that had my powers coming straight for her. I forgot to realize that she had been in training for years in the way of the kill. The next thing I know she was blocking every blue and fiery punch I could throw at her. Her hands were covered with insulated material that was made especially for this mission.

I got my arms caught in a knot once she was guiding me with everything I threw at her. The light was knocked out by her gloves and I knew that she was toughing me by knowing that I wanted her dead. 

I felt my feet fly from the ground as she must had made me lose my footing to where I landed into a chair that was on the side. She was starting to pick herself up slowly. “You are a fighter, I like that.” She said as she was now busy with many other people trying to take her down. Sin looked like she was a part of a since experiment at one time since she was bringing everyone to a standstill by the time she was done. Even dad had a difficult time but soon he got her by the neck and got her into a position to where she was having a hard time breathing within the hold.

“You cannot kill The Dark he said. He then let her go for a moment to be placed in cuffs around her wrists and striped of everything that she was wearing other than just a t-shirt and her pants. I can see that the place had went from a nice funeral to a brawl in an instant while the chairs was bringing placed back together and the room swept clean for the service.

“Dad,” I said and he looked at me confused while I got ready for all that I was going to say. “We need Darkness back.” I simplified it. He gave me a look of sadness was present from either the fact that there was a fight at Crimzen’s funeral or that  mentioned something that he wished that he could get rid of the fact that he was Darkness .

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