Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


15. ch 15

The days gone by and we had been busy with everything once we got the ok to berry my friend. The hunt for Sin and Arlin had been in full force to where every single country was after those two. They still eluded us which makes me stir at night and makes the screams much, much worse.

It amazed me that this is making my screams worse than before. The screams are connected to the beginning of the end of Sinadel. They, as you might tell by now, are paralyzing and distracting to anyone else that watches or don’t have much experience with the types of people that are afflicted with my type of condition.

I looked around thinking that this was going to bring me to these screams by the tenfold as before as I stand with the heads of several countries. I can see the faces that are saddened about Crimzen but we all know that there has to be a different world with a world leader that is more of a peace keeper than a true world leader. I had studied the old and original history of wars books that had survived the Sinidelian takeover dose say that if there is no peace keeper that there will be wars since there was no median in the middle. Just bloodshed. 

“Disire?  I am sorry for the loss of Conners.” One of them said as I walked in with him right behind me.

“She was one of the best and I am hoping to find someone that would be good for the spot.” I chimed as I started to sit down.

“But you would be best miss.” He chimmed and I smiled thinking this head of, whatever country he was from, was starting to play head games with me and I wanted to see if I could fire right back.

“I thank you for the complement sir. However, I know that I have my faults and a downfall that does not make me eligible.” I fired back and made the head of the country looked at me coldly and I could tell that he was calling me out for some resin to lead. However, if I have one round of the screams in something absolutely critical moment it will spell disaster for not only me but the future of the world.

I could see that the others came in and I let them settle as well. “First thing is… is...” I trailed and I lost my nerve. This was something that Crimzen does not me. I am the one that keeps her somewhat in line during each discussion. I can see the vast table get longer and the people started to get confused as I tried to calm myself down.

“The first thing is to see if anyone wants to negotiate or have a problem with the current contract since Crimz is gone?” I asked and everyone was silent. I wandered what was the resin for the swell of nothing that was making a pin heard if it hit the ground.

“No, why?” One of the others asked after the silence and I was ecstatic that we didn’t have to remake anything that was in the negotiation beforehand. I smiled thinking that this would be a part of history where the world would actually agree on something instead of bickering like little children when something that was unchangeable happens that they can’t control.

“I just wanted to be sure that there wasn’t going to be any discretion to what was already planned since Crimz is gone and we had yet too truly have a world leader in place since the unfortunate events.” I explained and everyone looked like they were not keen to what was going on in the real world until someone stood.

“What do you mean there isn’t a peace keeper among us?” One of the ladies asked and I knew that was he stray that might had just broke the camel’s back and I wondered why this had yet to happed a second earlier.

“The main resistance group is grieving over the major loss to where we had yet to be able to even consider whom to replace Crimzen though I do have someone in mind that would be good at the job.” I tried to explain and she seemed to take the bait. However, the victory was very short lived.

“Who would this unfortunate soul be?” The other person said. It was obviously a British person due to the ascent. He was a darkened soul person that was quite suspicious of the darkness that was looming over the world because of one bullet that was shot by two lonely people.

“Darkness is the man that would be, in my mind, be absolutely the one for the job of the world peace keeper.” I chimed and all the faces went to stone and gray to where the need of a storm was a start to whatever that might happen.

“Darkness? How in the world would the resistance choose such a despicable response to something that is a high ruling position? He had left us in our hour of need, and yet, you say that Darkness wouldn’t bring back a hand like Sinadell’s?”  The British person started to accuse me and I was not ready for a comeback that would set things right but after I thought for a moment I realized that I had one last card that could turn the tables back to my favor.

“I am THE daughter of Darkness.” I acclaimed and everyone seemed to look at me as if I had gone mad with a scheme.

“That is insane! The Darkness was an alien and therefore there is no way in the world…” The same erotic person answered that had cornered my every word and excuse that I had thrown onto the table.

“I can still see him as our only hope!” I thrashed my fist onto the table in a fiery blue mist, the same that my father has. I looked around the table and all of them looked just as bewildered as I am. Every day of my life I had never known a power like this that was burrowed within my skin. I glanced over to the British man whom was snickering in a way that made his suspicious. I wanted to know his motive for doing something of this caliber.

“I can see that you have the same powers as your father. The only way to do that is the power being past from parent to child.” The British man chimed while standing up and coming towards me. I wanted to run away and ask what was going on to my dad but I stayed as the royal court member started to comfort me. The fact that he was trying to be nice to me was also startling as the rest of the council was unsure on what to do.

“I make this meeting adjourned.” I called though my tears that were now starting to streak across my face. I head footsteps and felt the pats of the other members while they passed but this man stayed.

“How did you know I had this gift?” I asked and he smiled the widest and kindest smile that I had seen in a while.

“It is obvious that you are the daughter of the Dark but you still have no idea what that means to the rest of us.”  The British man was right.  I only knew that I was the daughter of Darkness but still have no clue what that means, other than looking like him. I started to feel unconformable with him and tried to have him loosen his grasp by squirming.

“I will find out soon enough.” I said in a cry for help. I start to look around but there was nothing I could do other than use my newfound powers again. Although, is that what he wanted for me to use my powers to frame me as a beast?

I hit him against the wall hard to sandwich all the air out of his lungs before he could do even more harm to me than he had done earlier. I glanced around quickly for an escape as I felt something cold against my neck. Fear rushed through me as the only sentence idea I could think of was that I was going to die right now and it was going to be a bloody one with a pool on the floor. I started to wonder what he wanted me to do or waited for him to muster up the courage to harm me.

“What do you want?” I asked and I heard a slight snicker come out of him.

“The flight of Darkness.” HE said and let me go.

“What do you mean?” I asked quickly and stared right into his cold eyes.

“Don’t have him, or even yourself, in power.” He sighed leaving me with a choice that I didn’t want to make though we are now in another war that I need to lead the charge in, I hope that I am wrong in my assumption. 

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