Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


12. ch 12

I looked out of the door to see millions of people outside talking in wonder what is going to happen other than the peace treaty of the ages is going to be done and signed in front of them.

“You ready?” I asked and Crimzen looked sick to me.

“I am not sure if I should do this.” She whispered and I was not sure what to say.

“Hi Dessum. My piece fighter.” Leroy chimed and kissed Crimzen on the lips.

“You are not supposed to be here.” Crimzen chimed.

“Not supposed to be here? Why would you remind me of that nonsense?” Leroy snapped.

“I don’t want you to see.”

“And miss this? Sorry feisty, I am not going to miss this for the world. “ Leroy laughed while Crimzen looked out of the doorway.

“Glad you can see this moment of history with me.” Crimzen sighed to where the want to know more boiled up inside me. I kept my patience in check as Leon and Darkness came into the aria. Crimzen spun around and looked like she would burst in tears, which she did.

“She’s here Leon.” Crimzen cried while the tears streamed down her face.

“Sin?” I asked as Leroy came back with some bullet coverings for us to where. I strapped mine in as quick as I could, being thankful that the kind residence gave us some gently used clothing that were quite nice as well as perfect for the occasion.

I looked at Crimzen whom was in deep thought about something. I nudged her shoulder which she winced and peeped before settling down to glaring at me coldly. “She’s here.” Was all I could get from Crimzen. She looked like she knew what she was going to do something erratically and out of her nature as we made contact with each other’s face.

“Sin?” I asked again and she looked back at the crowd that was getting bigger than normal and I looked around her to where I could see the person as well. She didn’t make an effort to hide herself. The eyes that shown in the darkness of the fire and the whitish powder hair were a sight to see since it were white on the tips and blond at the roots. She wore something tight, but yet, fitting like an assassin would if she needed to be stealthy and blend in.

“My past teacher. She wants revenge.” She said and I glared at her.

If she wanted to fight to bring one of us down I know that it should be me instead of her. I started to run into the crowd but Crimz stopped me. “She is more of a viscous fighter than you think. I know she is hunting both of us and you will have to be strong since I know that she wants me. Don’t let her stop you.”

I suddenly knew that she was on the same page as me on one condition. Her idea was to sacrifice herself and not let me, a well-known person that has the same rank as her, take the fall to let the stronger one of us live. I crossed my hand along the doorway not allowing her to pass.

“Don’t be a fool Crimz.” I snarled and she shoved my arm out of the way. Tensions started to rise between us and she looked like she was NOT going to stop.  “I am doing something that is either going to be you or me. Since she was using you to where she could destroy me mentally so I am just going to give her what she wants, me.” Crimzen explained.  I was silent for a minute as she tossed her jacket to the side which made me worry.

“You are going to sacrifice yourself for what?” I started to ramble. “That you are going to save the world just by taking yourself to where you are six feet under…”

“If it means success and unity then I would be honored.”  Crimzen chimed. She went over and kissed Leroy on the lips quickly.

“Do you must?” Leroy asked and Crimzen nodded.

“We are all being hunted.”

“But you have such a life in front of you. You can’t throw it away. Just please wear the vest and act like you are gone. Fake your death.” Leon suggested.

“Are you sure that it could work?”  Crimzen asked and she smiled like she was agreeing with us.

“Oh curse my friend.” Leon chimed. Crimzen looked pleased that there was a good thing that is happening that she was agreeing to something that would keep everyone at bay if it works.

She came back shortly with it obviously under her clothing. I was thinking that all this would be perfect and it would work while we walked outside as the crowd hushed and the cameras rolled as Crimzen went up to the podium to speak.

She was always the best one out of all of us in front of crowds. I started to think that there was going to be no trouble while Crimzen started talking.

“Days had gone by since Sinidel had ruled the world and Darkness was gone. Then he gave us hope to where we got started to unite the nations in peace but I know that a new generation is starting to take forth to this world. So without further wait…” She stated and I heard a blast that I think I would ever forget as I looked to where Crimzen was standing.

I saw her fall backward with her face knowing what she was going to do this the entire time while mass chaos started to spread from person to person. I can hear the screams and I knew that there were not in my head. The sound of cameras clicking around me as they tried to get the shot of me and my father setting the dying face of the new world that was just one signature left to completing the pact of nations. “Crimzen, Crimzen!” I can hear myself yell.

“One sacrifice is all it takes to have it stopped.” She said and I looked around for someone that was a medic in the group.

“You didn’t need to…” I said and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her vest tight at all to where it would leave a stream of opened skin for a kill.

“I did but I am not the other face that could save the world from going into destruction.” She weakly said as I held her.

“Crimzen you are the strongest one.” I said and she smiled at the complement but kept glancing at the crowd, especially at two people.                             

“You are Dessum, show the world don’t let Sin stop you.” She said and she started to sigh her last breath.

“Crimzen, don’t go CRIMZ. THIS IS YOUR DREAM DON”T GO!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“David wants me. My job is done but not yours, finish where I left off. Find Sin and Arlin…” Crimzen breathed and she passed away and I could find myself feeling alone.

“Crimz…” I sighed as the tears flowed to something more while the world had officially lost one of its best fighters and heist person in the ranks to negotiate since she was truly in all the history books as the War Hero that defeated Sinidel while Ally and I are comrades just like everyone else.

I closed Crimzen’s eyes and set her down. I knew that she was officially gone to be with her family. The dark haired girl that was named the color that said the time that she was born in, had died.

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