Land of Forever

it has been ten years since Sinidel has been brought down and peace has been brought throughout the world but some people still isn't happy with Dessum and Crimzen, with the help of Dessum's dad Dennis, running the show. so the group is is hunting them down. Also Ally is missing!!!! Can they restore peace or another war is right around the corner.
Part of land of confusion series
(C) Land of siries


10. ch 10

I can’t sleep. I wonder what the next day would bring since Sin is still around and on the prowl for one of us in her clutches. I tossed over and didn’t realize that I was close to one of the edges. I managed to roll off of my bed and my heart jumped out of my chest before I hit the ground with a thump. I slowly rose up and I knew it was almost midnight. I realized that I must had landed on my phone as I found it in the middle of my breasts when I looked down. I knew that it could be still on and I grasped it in my hands and turned it on.

Still nothing.

I glance around and think that I still have to get Ally notified one way or another. I tried to call her. If nothing else I can possibly text her that way she might be able to read it. There is a chance that she could have gone deaf over the years instead of blind since that is the more common problem within the resistance.

“Ally, It’s Dessum. I miss you and it has been a LONG time since we had talked in any way that we should had.  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULY. We are being hunted and I need to know that you are safe and I would like to ketch up on the times.”

I sent the message and went back in my bed to think. There were several resins why she would go off the grid but at least she should had not lost her friends in the proses since we are on the inside  of this ordeal at least there would be two fronts that could be watched instead of the one we are on.

This Sin also worried me a lot. She sounded like someone that would do anything for her mission. She had already sacrificed at least one if not two of her workers just to see that one of us knows that Sin would strike at any moment. The fact that she could strike at any moment and the next stage is the signing of the treaty.

My face was staring at the ceiling as I knew I had entered the land where the screams could come on at any minute; I looked at my phone for the time instead of the clock which is right next to me for no resin at all. Three AM.

I am wide awake now and I listen to the streets bellow me. The sound of sirens and horns underneath made me miss my little section of suburbia of the outskirts of Washington D.C. I hear a knock at my door that makes me sit up a bit.

I went to it and looked through my little peep hole to see that it was one of the escorts. I started to panic as I quickly unlatched the door.

“I am sorry to wake you miss but you must pack your things.” He said and I looked behind me at all I need to pack. It wasn’t much as I dived into the bathroom.  I grabbed my things when I hear a sudden crack that made me worry. The crack became a pop and I started to remember the pop and cracks of buildings that were about to fall way back during the bombings. I started to hear the screams once again but they were fainter than what they had been but I knew that they would be louder if I moved.

“Do you need help?” The escort chimed and I knew he meant well but I was debating to go with him downstairs but another crack in the wall made me think that I should  go with him.

“I would be honored if you do.” I said and he whisked away to help me gather my things. I think that he was quite quick in his help since as soon as I turned around there was the young man doing his job.

After a while there were more cracks and bangs as the lights went out. I felt the ground shift and I fell over thinking that the ground would fall apart. “What is going on?” I asked in a panic.

The escort’s face went white. As I must had noticed the danger while the escort was still searching for something to say. I ran to my now closed door and ripped it open. I coughed because of the smoke sine there was a fire at the end of the hall and the floor was staring to crumble.

“We were sabotaged.”  The escort sighed and I was starting to get angry at him though I applaud him on his calmness in the bringing. I hear the crackling and breaking of wood inside my own room and I noticed that the walls were browning as the flames latched on to where it wouldn’t let go.

The smoke finally set off the alarm a bit late. I spun around while I started to hear the screams of the lost and forgotten come to me again. The dark screams were loud now as I tried to cover my ears but it was no use. I still was not willing to stop while I knelt and the floor broke underneath my feet sending me down to the next floor.

The smoke was much thicker down there as I got up and coughed. I couldn’t see at all since the smoke was thick and surprisingly it didn’t burn my eyes. I was also turned around, trying to figure out which way to go. I start to glance around and I could hear the sounds get louder and louder. I was trying to push them aside but all I could hear was them dying a loud cry for help. The darkness of these voices haunted me this time to where I was paralyzed while most were crying for help. I could hear every word loud and clear as it seemed like the smoke that swirled in the air was making several paintings of  the faces that were gone a girl that was laying in the streets dying from long ago.

She was so young and hurt to where I knew that she was going to die before I could do anything but yet here she is in front of me the swirling hair reminded me of an angel.  I can hear her words as I looked around to where more people started to ask me why I didn’t help them sooner. All the death I had seen was trying to choke me to the ground and it was working while I started to feel my lungs shrink up a bit too where breathing was practically impossible.

I could see the people look down at me as I started to feel that life was going to end for me though I had gone through so much that I should be dead. I still could hear and see the voices as well as the cracking bang of the room that I was trapped in.

I started to feel the smoke win. The darkness clouded my vision as I started to think of ways so I could win as the screams were shrill and unrelenting. I slowly stood thinking that I had lived through a war, a war that I should had been died if anyone found the connection that I was Darkness’s daughter.

I got to the part where I should take my first steps and I did. The screams became louder as I started to fight them like I did Sinadel. I stated to take little steps as I heard a scream that I hadn’t heard in a long time, my mom’s.

I was not used to that sort of screams. This was very personal to me to where the world froze and my knees buckled as I hear the loudest scream from her mouth. I thought that I was going to be done with the new ones since they are much harder to concentrate. This one was unbearable while it pierced my ears and strained my heart. I think that there was no chance that I could move on since I had failed her, I was not going to irradiate Sinidel but I was so close that I could see what was supposed to be real. However, now it would be Crimzen and my father that takes the throne without me.

I sighed as the screams continued to plaster onto me like glue. Every whine and scream will stand forever as a testament to my will to live and I knew that I would have to face in order to live but I am baffled at my strength.

 I arose once again, thinking that I could live and the question of how the building is still standing as I am doing right now. I know that the crackling of the wood was all around me but I only hear the voices. I can see the burning items and wood fall around me. I can smell and feel each fireball hit my lungs.

I can see the doorway now. Close to the end of this hell. Every step was full of new life for me. I look around and can finally taste freedom. The sweet taste of cold wind within the smoke made me see that I was close to getting out while someone was coming to me.

It looked like a Sinadelian solder but I knew better than to run from him or her. I took a few steps to see that he or she would except me or hurt me. “Dissire?” The voice questioned and it felt like the person was friendly under that bug like mask.

“It’s me.” I called and the screams did a combined hit to where I collapsed. I thought that it should have stopped but then again the screams come in waves. I had enough of trying to move out of the building since I knew I was safe with this person helping me out of the building alive.

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