Like children * Complete *

We all made choices we regret; choices that tear us apart. We deplore them so much we wish we could start all over again.
But even with a second chance, can what has been broken be fixed?


4. Chapter 3

I wash my cup in the sink and go to the bathroom to shower but as I'm walking, my phone rings. I rush into the living-room, where I had left it, and answer.

"Eileen, sweetie," my father's voice says on the phone," I'm really sorry but I don't know how long I'm going to stay at work. So, you shouldn't wait for me." He sounds bothered.

"Right. No problem! I'll see you tomorrow, then!" I am a bit deceived he can't be here but I'm staying for the entire week so there will be plenty of time to spend with him.

"See you! I'm really sorry, Eileen," he apologizes again and hangs up.

I sigh and slowly walk to the bathroom, feeling sad. I stay a long while there, taking a bath and listening to music. I close my eyes and listen to Niall's voice echoing through the room. I know I shouldn't listen to his music because it makes me feel like crying but I just can't help it; these songs remind me of him and how happy he must be now.

Afterwards, I come back into the veranda, wearing pyjamas and eating a sandwich I quickly made in the kitchen. I look through the window and notice snow has stopped falling and there are no clouds anymore; the sky is clear again and I can see the stars starting to shine. I finish eating, lie on the floor and watched through the transparent roof.

I would never grow wearing of staring at the starry sky. Every time I do that, I think about nothing apart from the beauty of what I'm seeing. My mind is clear and I don’t think about my worries anymore.

Suddenly, a shooting star comes past. Though I don't believe in making a wish anymore seeing that the one I wished for never became true, I close my eyes and make one. But I don't open my eyes back and fall asleep, praying for this one to come true.




"Eileen! Eileen! Wake up!" I hear a familiar voice calling me.

I open my eyes and see his blue ones, looking down intensely at me.

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