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We all made choices we regret; choices that tear us apart. We deplore them so much we wish we could start all over again.
But even with a second chance, can what has been broken be fixed?


3. Chapter 2

"Eileen, get your stuff! I'll be in the car waiting for you!" my mother yells as I shut the front-door.

"Okay!" I yell back while walking to my room to grab my bag.

Then, I go into the garage and sit on the passenger seat. My mother starts off and drives to my father's. My parents are divorced and my father lives in the countryside, in the city where I grew up. When they got separate my mother went to live in town but my father stayed in the same place; he loves it so much.

She drives slowly because of the snow and, about an hour later, we reach my dad's house.

"See you next week!" I exclaim. I give her a kiss on the cheek and step off the car. She waves at me and drives back to her place.

I move closer to the front door and enter the house without knocking.

"I'm here, dad!" I shout. I go into the kitchen where I find him reading a newspaper while drinking cocoa. He looks up at me and a smile appears on his face. He stands up, takes his glasses off and walks toward me, his arms open.

"Eileen! How are you, sweetie?" He hugs me tightly.

"I'm fine, thanks. What about you?" I ask, happy to see him.

"I'm fine as well!" he chuckles. I smile and head to my room, where I leave my bag before going back into the kitchen. I take out the milk from the fridge and prepare cocoa as I hear my father talking on the phone,

"Right now? Can't I come tomorrow morning instead?" I see him nod as the other person is talking.

He sighs," Okay. I'll be there." And he hangs up. He turns to look at me and says he has to go.

"Right. I'll wait for you to come back then!" He smiles and goes into the hall to pull his coat on.

"See you later, sweetie!" And he closes the door.


I take my cup, feeling its warmth overrunning me, and make my way to the veranda. It is my favorite place in the house. I could spend hours there, lying on the floor and looking at the sky through the transparent roof. I spent so much time there when I was younger; it reminds me many happy memories.

I take a sip of my cocoa and look through the window as snow falls and covers the grass.



"Niall stop!! My hair is all wet because of you!" the little girl complains, sticking his tongue at the blong boy, who is roaring with laughter.

"That is not funny," she pouts, focusing herself back on the snowman they were building.

"We forgot to take the carrot to make him a nose!" Niall exclaims. "I'll go and take one at my house!" And he runs away as fast as he could on the snow.

Eileen looks at him, giggling; secretly hoping he would fall so that she could laugh at him for revenge. She shakes her head to try to make the snow fall from her hair, which still was covering her hair because of the snowball he threw at her.

A few minutes later, he runs back toward her, holding proudly a carrot in his hand.

"I got it!" He stops beside the little girl and gets his breath back, leaning on his knee.

Suddenly, he gasps with horror as Eileen puts snow in the collar of his coat.

"Arrgh! Eileen! Why did you do that?! It's so cooold!" He hops trying to take it off.

She screams with laughter.

"Argh! There is snow under my T-shirt!! It's flowing down my back! I'm freezing!" he yells.

Eileen was laughing so hard that tears start to form in her eyes.

He sticks his tongue at her.

"We are quits now!" she winks. He stops complaining and stares at her, wide-eyed.He nods and bursts out laughing along with her.



I want things to be as they used to; I want to see him again; I want my best friend back.

A tear streams down my cheek as I think about all the happy moments I spent there with Niall. I lay my head on my knees and cry harder.

He only is a part of my memories; memories that I can't bring back; memories that I can't share with him any more.

Our friendship is a part of the past and there is nothing I can do to change that.


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