Like children * Complete *

We all made choices we regret; choices that tear us apart. We deplore them so much we wish we could start all over again.
But even with a second chance, can what has been broken be fixed?


15. Chapter 14

“Please, forgive me Eileen,” the little girl hears his voice say through the door. She is crying quietly but she doesn’t answer.

“Stop crying, Eileen,” he adds. She has been waiting for days for him to come and to tell her those words; how come she can’t stop acting that way? She wants to forgive him; she wants him back. But now that he is back to her side; she can’t find the word to forgive him.

“Could you at least open the door?” he dares to ask. She takes a deep breath and wipes her tears away before doing so; she doesn’t want him to see her crying. She doesn’t want him to think she is weak.

She opens the door and sees the little boy holding a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. She looks up at his face and notices he is crying as well.

“Why are you crying Niall?” she asks him a bit surprised. It is the first time she is seeing him weeping.

“You don’t want me as your friend anymore,” he sobs. “Don’t tell me I should be happy about that?” He cries harder while holding her out the bouquet. She takes it and stares intensely at him. Then, she puts her hand on his shoulder and whispers,

“You’re right; I don’t want you as my friend.” He stops weeping and looks at her, shocked. He is about to reply but she cuts him off, “I don’t want you as my friend because I want you as my best friend!” She smiles shyly at him and waits for his reaction. He moves closer to her and takes her in his arms, hugging her tightly.

“I am your best friend, I promise,” he mutters, a little tear streaming down his cheek.

“I am lucky to have you, Niall,” Eileen says in a whisper, resting her chin on his shoulder.

And they stay in each other’s arms for a long time, both glad to be friends again.




“You’re right Niall; it has been a long time since you last came here,” Maura’s voice echoes in the hall.

Niall? What is he doing here? I stand up as fast as I can. I can’t stay here.

“I think I’ll get some rest; I’m so tired!” he exclaims and I feel relieved. It means he wouldn’t come into the living-room.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings again. It must be dad. Hang on; what if Niall sees dad? He will wonder why he is here! And then, he will notice I am her! And I don’t want to have to explain in front of him why I ended up here!

“Hello!” I hear dad’s voice say. I could hear how worried he is.

“Don’t worry; she is fine,” Maura tells him.

“What are you talking about?” Niall asks her. I hope none of them would answer him.

I decide to rush into the hall. All the faces turn to me as they hear me walk toward them.

“Hi dad!” I exclaim. Then, I grab his arm before opening the front door.

“Thank you very much,” I thank Maura quickly. I push dad out of the house and close the front door. But before I walked out, I heard Niall’s surprised voice, “Eileen? Is that you?”

But it’s too late now.

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