Like children * Complete *

We all made choices we regret; choices that tear us apart. We deplore them so much we wish we could start all over again.
But even with a second chance, can what has been broken be fixed?


11. Chapter 10

I open my eyes and stare at the sky; there still are plenty of clouds which means it would probably snow again today. I sit up and look around me; I am in the veranda. Hang on. I fell asleep in my bedroom; I didn’t come here when I got back home yesterday. I could swear I went straight away into my bedroom after Niall left; after he left me alone, crying. I stand up wondering how I could have ended here. Could it be my father who brought me here because I was sobbing too loud? No, it couldn’t; my father would never do that.

Suddenly, a thought cross my mind and I rush upstairs. I look for my phone but don’t find it on my bedside table. I might have left it in one of my pocket. I look down at myself but I am wearing my pyjamas. How come I wear them? I didn’t change clothes last night.

My heart starts to pound faster as I get back downstairs; if I am right, my phone is in the veranda. And I am right; I find it lying on the floor where I just woke up. I unlock it and check out what year it is: 2013. I can’t be true; I can’t be back. I was given a second chance and all I did was having a disagreement with Niall. I can’t have lost my best friend before he even auditioned for the X-Factor, can I?

But my phone may be broken. It may not have changed date; it must still be written 2013 because it doesn’t know I came back three years backwards. I have to check out if I am in 2010. I run into the kitchen and look for the calendar, praying it still is 2010.

2013. No, it can’t be true. I collapse on the floor, tears starting to flow down my cheeks. I am back and I didn’t even make things better. I can’t have wasted my second chance, can I?

But what if he hadn’t left? What if he still is living here? It seems to be unreal but I have to check out. I go into the hall, pull my coat and shoes on and leave the house. I run as fast as I can toward his house. I reach it quickly and walk toward the letter box while taking my breath back. I stop in front of it and close my eyes, wishing there will be his name written on it.

But it isn’t his; the name written upon it is not Horan. He is gone; he left. Nothing changed apart from him hating me now. He won’t remember me; he forgot me before auditioning. I wasn’t his best friend any more before he went on X-Factor.

I walk back home; all my hopes broken. As I move closer toward my house, I notice my father’s car parked in front of the portal. He came back from work. I rush into the house and go into the kitchen where I know I will find him, as usual. He stands up when he sees me; my coat wide open upon my pyjamas and my puffy eyes. He moves toward me, a wondering look on his face but I speak before he can ask anything.

“I messed up everything; I am so stupid!” I rested my head on his chest, wetting his shirt with my tears.

“He hates me now!” I sob; unable to hold back the flow of tears dropping from my eyes.

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