Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Poem

50 years of aliens.
50 years of the TARDIS.
50 years of Companions.
50 years of The Doctor.
50 years of Doctor Who.

Celebrate and read with this commemorative poem!


10. The 9th Doctor




The Time War has happened, Christopher Eccleston's 9 is the only one left,

Robbed of his people and love, like theft.

The lone traveller, drifting through time and space.

Feeling lonely, the last of his race.

But he begins to heal, when new companion is met,

In a way The Doctor owes Rose Tyler a debt.

She healed him, and turned someone who thought he was unloved,

Rose Tyler, the new favourite companion is one of the most loved.

He's brilliant, but he carries a heavy load on his shoulder,

As the Doctor gets darker and much, much older.

Sometimes his actions were erratic and drastic,

But we still loved this lonely Lord, and shout with him: "Fantastic!"



Shopgirl Rose lives with Jackie, her mum,

She loves her lots, and their very good chums.

Her dad died, but she's got her boyfriend Mickey,

Now her situation will get very sticky.



She's taking a message and goes down to the basement,

But all she finds are dummies, an odd placement. 



But suddenly, they start to move,

She thinks it's a joke, or something to prove.

But they all come to life, and just when she thought her time was done,

A man grabs her hand and shouts: "Run!"



They manage to lose the Autons, by jumping in a lift,

The Doctor gives her the arm as a gift.

The Doctor has a plan, and blows them up,

Rose leaves while he closes up.



The next day Rose discusses with her mum,

Until the Doctor shows up and decides to come.

She drags him in, and wants to know what to do,

Then that plastic arm attacks but The Doctor knows what to do.



The Doctor then tells her to forget,

And not say anything about the alien threat.

He leaves in the TARDIS, and Rose researches online,

And finds a man called Clive who's sort of got a Doctor shrine.



While this happens, Mickey waits in the car,

But gets kidnapped by a bin, not too far.

They make a plastic double of him, who starts asking Rose about the man,

Can anyone stop him? The Doctor can.



Plastic Mickey goes crazy, swatting and hitting,

When Rose tries to find another way out, The Doctor's sides are splitting.

He beckons her into his ship,

The sheer size causes her to bite her lip.



The Doctor has Auton Mickey's head, and follows the signal to the Thames,

The head then melts and The Doctor's loses his stems.



Rose helps him find the Transmitter,

The London Eye, it couldn't be bigger.

Antiplastic, The Doctor has in hand,

He gives a choice when he finds the Nestene band.



They hold him hostage, and Rose finds Mickey,

He's plastic and shiny, awfully sticky.



They send out the signal, and The Doctor can't have his way,

It's up to Rose Tyler to save the day.

The Autons activate and attack, and Jackie is outside,

Rose Tyler's gymnastic talents do not hide.



No job, No A-Levels, but a bronze in the sport,

Jackie's shopping trip? She decides to abort.



Rose grabs the rope and swings, knocking the Auton of it's feet,

Over with the Antiplastic into the Nestene, that ought to teach!



They leave in the TARDIS and The Doctor makes a proposition,

All of this becomes part of a bigger mission.

She agrees and skips happily inside,

But around the universe the words BAD WOLF hide...



They stick together through thick and thin,

New companion, new Doctor let the adventures begin!

First, there's The End of the World, and a reprise of 'Burn Baby Burn,'

That bit of skin Cassandra will soon return.



"Moisturise me, moisturise me!"

She laughs with glee,

As the Face of Boe for the first time we see.

Introduced here a gadget that will become a Who shaper,

The Doctor, the owner of the Psychic Paper.



Then Charles Dickens, ghosts Christmas as well,

Will he be forgotten? No, time will tell.

The Gelth and their evil plans, that they did hide,

At one point THE BIG BAD WOLF on Gwyneth's tongue reside.



Now Aliens of London, and the world is gripped,

By a ship crashing into Big Ben, the controls must've slipped.



It turns out the alien family is called Slitheen,

An they've invaded Parliament skins, I'm not too keen.

The way to reveal is to unzip thier heads,

To scare little children (Me!) in their beds.



Big and green with baby faces,

Claws and fat in many places.

They want to start a war that will destroy Earth to rock,

Then they'll sell it for profit and then be off.



World War Three, and it looks just that,

Mickey and Jackie throw Vinegar of the Calcium Slitheen, and the result is a green cow pat.



The Doctor, Harriet Jones and Rose are trapped in a Cabinet room,

But he needs Jackie and Mickey to form a platoon.

Mickey hacks into the Defence system,

And alters the Missile's descent.

To target the Slitheen at Parliament. 



The three heroes survive but the Slitheen are no more,

The Doctor and Rose leave Harriet for press galore.

Rose packs a bag and prepares to leave,

Leaving Jackie and Mickey to, in a way, grieve. 



Then next we see the Dalek return,

After Rose touches it, evil ways it begins to learn.



It escapes and everybody watches it flee,

And go on an infinite killing spree.



Rose and new companion Adam run, not far to go.

But the door closes leaving Rose, who was a bit slow.



But at the end it finds some sort of peace,

And the lone Dalek is now classed as 'Deceased.'

The Dalek's life, this one, was done.

And this time, The Doctor was pointing the gun.



Next Satellite 5 in The Long Game,

Getting a promotion doesn't give much fame.

They fought the Jagrafess while Adam got a chip (in his brain) installed,

The Doctor sent him home quite appalled.



Now an emotional episode, Fathers Day,

The cost of Time Travel is shown here today.

Rose prevents her father's death causing a paradox and Reapers to appear,

When her dad realises he has to die to set time straight we all shed  a tear.



Now The Empty Child, and Rose isn't wearing the best,

A Union Jack all over her vest...

But a child is roaming looking for his mummy,

Turning people into zombies, it's not funny.



Rose meets Captain Jack, a con man with a deal,

A Chula Warship seems real.

But more turn into zombies, and the mystery is untied,

One of the scariest episodes in my view, you'll want to hide.



But a girl Nancy is key, as she is the mum,

But using Jack's Nanogenes the healing is done.



Everybody lives, the boy is fine,

Jack enters the TARDIS for some time.

But we learned it's ok to take chances.

"The world doesn't end because The Doctor Dances."

Now Boom Town and a Slitheen returns,

But gets turned into an egg, how the story turns...

Now, Bad Wolf, Satellite 5, now the Game Station, where evil is stirring,

Game show controls, and televisions are whirring.



The three find themselves separated and placed in Game shows,

Where the other is, know one knows.

Rose, is with the Anne Droid in The Weakest Link,

You actually get disintegrated, that turned Rose pink.



The Doc with Big Brother, meets Lynda with a Y,

On this show you actually die.



And with two female robots Jack is stripped bear,

Stuck on the show What Not To Wear.

They want to replace is head with a dog,

And probably next his legs with that of a hogs.



The Doctor escapes with Lynda, and finds out TV is brutal,

And now everything the human race does is futile.

It's all now controlled by The Bad Wolf Corporation,

Mass death? This is the main causation.



The Doctor, Jack and Lynda escape to find Rose in frustration,

They walked in and saw her disintegration.



The Doctor and friends are taken to the Controller,

A hybrid human getting younger and older.

Jack finds the TARDIS, and says there's no death, they're not just tat,

They are taken from the station by a transmat.



She tells the coordinates, only to be killed,

Her job now betrayed, yet fulfilled.

Rose awakes, only to see,

That horrid eyestalk staring at her, you and me.



The Doctor searches and finds an entire Dalek fleet,

Soon they will all meet and greet.



The Doctor opens a link, and reassures all,

That he will win this war, proud and tall.

Him and his friends will stick like glue,

To Rose he says: "I'm coming to get you!"



The Parting of the Ways

At the end that's how it stays.

The Doctor materialises to save Rose, but is alarmed,

When he finds the God of all Daleks in command.



They rebuilt themselves by using losers of the games,

These are their disgusting and inhumane claims.

Back on the station Jack shields six floors,

And battle is prepared from the Daleks claws.

The Doctor starts on a Delta Wave Generator, but it needs time to charge,

He sends Rose home in the TARDIS, as he wants to keep her safe as the problems enlarge.

He leaves her a message, a hologram,

Of The Doctor she was a fan.



The Doctor knows the wave will kill part of humanity too,

That could include me and you.

Rose starts to notice Bad Wolf more,

And is heartbroken the Doctor has sent her home from the war.



Rose Tyler's not going down without a fight,

And using a truck to open the TARDIS, it becomes flooded with light...



Meanwhile Daleks are swarming in floor 500,

They have killed Jack and Lynda, and generally plundered.



The Dalek Emperor taunts the Doctor, that he can't pull the trigger,

But something much more powerful is coming and bigger.

The TARDIS materialises, and a golden Rose steps out,

Causing The Doctor to scream and shout.



She knows she is the BAD WOLF, a message to lead herself here,

All she can see makes her shed a tear.

She wants her Doctor safe, protected from the false God,

Meaning the Emperor and his Dalek squad.

She has absorbed the whole Time Vortex inside her head,

She needs it out, and to get home to bed.

The Emperor hates this annotation,

And he cries: "This is the abomination!"



They try to kill her, but then,

"You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space. Every single atom of your existence and I divide them."

Everything must,

Come to dust.


Saving the universe for her friends,

"Everything dies, the Time War ends."

Now she rids all those of strife, 

For Jack, she says "I bring life!"



She can control, night and day, the Moon and the stars, but why do they hurt?

She is beginning to disconcert.

All there is, all there was, all there ever could be, having that in your head could be happy or sad,

But the Doctor understands, "Doesn't it drive you mad?"



Her head is killing her,

But all she needs is a Doctor.



The Doctor then releases the vortex back into the box,

But every cell in him is dying, but we know the Doctor can outfox.

Rose panics as she wakes to find him in pain,

And at the thought he'll never see her again.

A message for Rose, as he knows he is to die,

"You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic... and do you know what? So was I!"

With that, he bursts into orange light,

Beautiful and mystical, blinding and bright.



There are many ways to describe, but an easier translation,

One word, one magician, it’s called: ‘Regeneration.’



A new face, a new man,

New adventures and soon a new companion clan.

Don't forget the healed soldier number nine, I doubt he wanted such a fuss,

But he brought Doctor Who back for a generation, for us.  



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